In “pajamaville”

I came across the term “pajamaville” in a New York Times article which quoted someone responding to questions about pandemic burn-out. She said that no matter how many lists she makes, “I find myself falling back into deep pajamaville”. Me too, but I’m happy to be in pajamaville all day if i get to wear this particular set.

Dear Readers, it’s good to be back on the blogging train!  April was designated “Earth Month” (I’m not sure when), and I’m feeling all the reuse, refashion and upcycle vibes.  There’s something so satisfying about re-fashioning a garment.

Besides the obvious ethical, waste-reducing, landfill-avoiding and planet-saving reasons, I love refashioning due to a  practical reason: half or more of the work is already done. That is, if you don’t count “thinking time” that goes into incorporating the previous construction into the new project.

What’s a successful refashioned upcycled garment?  This is my personal opinion, but most importantly, it should NOT LOOK refashioned. For example, if existing details are to be incorporated in the new garment, it must be done seamlessly .  On the other hand, there is a preferred mindset taking hold in the refashion community which really, really upholds the “upcycled look” — this mindset prefers that the newly re-made garment undoubtedly looks refashioned or upcycled.  Some of those looks are not that bad — really.

I am thrilled with my most recent project! You saw the top of this pj set pre-hiatus, and during hiatus I completed the pj pants. Here is the entire look and I’m thrilled.

As always, my own and my daughters’ closet is a good thrift shop alternative to acquire pieces that are good candidates for a refashion. In this case, the pajama borders used to be a beautiful Banana Republic lined skirt (below).

The top was made from a Vogue Pattern by Adri sewn in 1999 or 2000. The pj bottoms are from the fabric leftover from the top and which I hoarded for a couple of decades – it’s time had come.  Nothing too difficult here, since I cut out the skirt hem and lining in a straight 6 inch band and stitched it to the pj bottoms – the hems were already stitched!  For the band on the lower edge of the top, I did have to hem it up since there was not enough skirt hem left to complete the top band.  And… the hemming process was matched exactly to the skirt; serge the edge, press up and hand sew.  Visit this past pre-hiatus post for details on the pj top 🙂

Blast From the Past

For a blast from the past, the upcycle project (above) was featured here when I was a year into blogging — 2014! Inspired by an Anthropologie blouse, I saved a J.Crew has-been button down (from my daughter’s personal landfill) and wore it until it shredded.  You can read the details in my post from the past.

Glad to back, my sweeties! Be healthy, be safe and be kind. More refashed stuff next week.


2 thoughts on “In “pajamaville”

    1. Hi Annie! I’m back into the writing/blogging/sewing train. It was a good break from routine even though I did nothing except get my second vaccine shot, and took care of some other mundane stuff.


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