Completed “Luxe” PJ Top

Two pretty (really pretty) garments came together to make this “luxe” pajama top. The term “luxe” sounds a little patronizing, so I put it in quotation marks. Also, please see important note at the end of the post.

It looks way better on me than the dress form. Honest! Sometime in the foreseeable future you will see me in it. See the fabric hanging in the back? Those are on their way to becoming pj bottoms.

This much loved, self-made blouse (Vogue Pattern by Adri) has been refashioned into a pj top – I did not wear it enough to do it justice. Recently the stars aligned, and with the added polka dot band (harvested from a RTW silk charmeuse, lined skirt) it will see a lot more use. It will match the pajama bottoms that are still in yardage mode. Sigh… 

Be honest – you want to peek inside. I know and I’ll indulge. The original insides are still intact:

The only thing I undid was the hem; it was a tedious process because of the delicacy of the silk crepe and the fact that I had used a small 2.5mm stitch length to give it a “finely sewn” look. I may or may not have made a little tear in the hem trying to rush the undo process.  Also, I could have left the hem along and added the band without undoing the hem. Hindsight is so wise.

Shoulder seam right side.

The original seams were finished by pressing open, turning the seam edges under and stitching down. No serged edges  in this top. I believe I was following the pattern instructions exactly many years ago.  In 2021, there was serging done with gusto when adding the band.

wrong side of band with lining. The needle holes! Need suggestions on how I can cover them up.
Left: right side out. Right: inside out. (Sounds like a potential country music song)

The newly added band: just using the lightweight polka dot charmeuse for the bands seemed a little too lightweight and  “fly away” – I think you know what I mean. Therefore, I used the skirt’s white acetate lining to mimic the original skirt lining.  This will be repeated on the pj pants when I work on them. 


….and just for the heck of it, here’s the skirt taken apart at the waistband and ONE side seam each.

Important note:  dear Readers, the Sew Everything Blog will go on hiatus for the month of March.  I have too many things that will have to be taken care of during that time; therefore, I decided to give the blog a little vacation.  I would love for you to stay with me; in fact, if you do not already, do follow me on Twitter (@seweverything) or Instagram (@saminakaty), I will be posting there – may or may not be my sewn projects.  And… I will be back here in April!

Be safe, guys! Line up for the vaccine. The light is at the end of the tunnel and we’re almost there. Lots of love,


3 thoughts on “Completed “Luxe” PJ Top

  1. That is a luxurious (no quotes!) pj top, Samina! I need to get out of my cotton T nightshirts and on to silk jammies!
    I loved most of Adri’s designs, but I was not sewing at the time, so I did not make up any of her patterns.

    I hope the storm did not ruin your plumbing: thought of you often in the aftermath of the storm. Are you boiling water still?

    Best wishes for March,


    1. No more boiling water as of two days ago. Yay. I am very thankful that the plumbing held up. Feeling really bad for the communities still without safe running water, and still broken pipes.


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