Tory Burch’s Fine Handkerchief Aesthetic

Wearable art and other fashionistas in the sewing community have long used old handkerchiefs for fashioning their own fashion and accessories.   Hey, hanky couture enthusiasts, take a look at Tory Burch’s Spring 2020 collection!  What do you think? An enthusiast’s collection of vintage embroidered handkerchiefs are random, individually bought for their hand-embroidered beauty. But the TB collection’s… Read More Tory Burch’s Fine Handkerchief Aesthetic

“Stay”ing the Armhole: Tip From the Haute Couture

Balenciaga’s way:   In the book Couture Sewing, there’s a section on “stays”, with details on under-bust stays, pleat stays, waistline stays, and even crotch stays (yes, there is such a thing in haute couture). This particular Balenciaga dress, circa 1965 actually uses a stay on each back armhole area in a capped sleeve to control… Read More “Stay”ing the Armhole: Tip From the Haute Couture