Tory Burch’s Fine Handkerchief Aesthetic

I just have two in my collection

Wearable art and other fashionistas in the sewing community have long used old handkerchiefs for fashioning their own fashion and accessories.   Hey, hanky couture enthusiasts, take a look at Tory Burch’s Spring 2020 collection!  What do you think?

An enthusiast’s collection of vintage embroidered handkerchiefs are random, individually bought for their hand-embroidered beauty. But the TB collection’s “hankies” are much more coordinated, as a design for public consumption should be.

Glorious “heirloom” look 

On close inspection, notice the tucking which runs across the fabric in certain areas, and across seams; plus, there are the lace inserts . The tucked parts are running right through “embroidered” motifs which tells me that particular area may be printed rather than embroidered.  Are the hankies appliqued to sheer voile to form the fabric? Or is it all yardage, expertly made to look like hankies? So many questions.

Note the sleeve cuffs — cross-hatch pintucks?

And see above…. Ms Burch used the vintage printed hanky look, too!  Or are they tablecloths? 


The black suit above with the same embroidered motifs is a total winner! Embroidery machine enthusiasts, rev up your machines and be inspired!

Whatever way they used to create this collection, it is effective and gives off a vintage, feminine aura along with a modern vibe. There are more things in the TB Spring 2020 collection worth a look, such as these pants in the image below! Go there and enjoy.

No hankies in this one, but so “I Dream of Jeannie”. 

A word about my own little bag – I made it many years ago as a class project. I love it but have not used it. Why?? I think the cording shoulder straps make it look “crafty”; nothing wrong with crafty, but I want my bag to have a more “fashion” look.

Hanky bag

How about a chain strap going through metal grommets at the corners?  Yes, definitely a chain and I could throw it on as a cross body bag. Tory’s hanky bag has a chain….

_FIO0046 (2)
A chain on Tory’s hanky bag!

Sewing tip: there’s a little secret behind the closure on my bag.  The button is attached with a short length of narrow ribbon, which goes through to the inside and ties in a bow. Thank you, Barb Callahan (the educator) for that genius secret!

Hanky Bag2
The little bow on the bag lining is holding the closure button on the front in place.

Excuse me while I go to change my hanky-bag cord to a chain.

Have a great holiday season! Yeah, it’s early but I am already in Thanksgiving mode since I will host a houseful of family for Thanksgiving week.




4 thoughts on “Tory Burch’s Fine Handkerchief Aesthetic

  1. None of these are “my look”, but a great blog post!
    I dislike embroidery on clothes for the most part, except as a border for cuff or placket, or neckline on a tunic, but I have a lot of embroidered items from my Italian mother-in-law’s teenage years doing handwork, so I may be able to put them to use!


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