If it’s Tuesday….

(said in a Chuck Todd kind of voice) …. it’s time for a post on the Sew Everything Blog.  And, here we are on Thursday.

Today has turned into a sharing-other-great-sewing-blogger-posts day, because there’s no dearth of fabulous sewing done by other enthusiasts; therefore I’m thrilled to share a link from Ann of The Compulsive Seamstress. She named this particular post “Reclaimed” (I love that title) and writes about a pair of pants in her unfinished pile.  I will let you read her words and enjoy her journey about taking a different path to save her beautiful fabric.  She used this Burdastyle #107 8/2019 to change the look and fit of that same unhappy, unfinished pair.

Burdastyle pants Front View
Image from Burdastyle website.

The new reclaimed pair is a knockout! Click on the Compulsive Seamstress look at how stunning she looks in them.   Note to self: seek out this pattern and make for myself.

Meanwhile, an inspiration pic.

Tory Burch’s elastic hem version

Tory Burch’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection pants make an appearance again today and have the same general look as Ann’s Burdastyle version. Check out the complete garment on VogueRunway.

Now I’m seriously obsessed with I Dream of Jeannie vibes.

Jeannie pants
Image found on Pinterest

Happy Thanksgiving Season…




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