Assymetrical Neckline – Again

Back after a long hiatus!!

Hi, dear readers, you may have seen this particular tunic before, but this time — it’s on me (all my photos by BrianCampbellPhoto) and not on the dummy.

Photo by BrianCampbellPhoto 


_LLL0801 Detail
Oscar de la Renta collection.  Image from 

A Few Process Notes

  1. I’m sharing this on the Designin’ December online group initiated by Linda of the Nice Dress. Thanks, I Made It. Go there and check out other participants’ spectacular uploads. It’s basically a “knock-off-a-designer” annual challenge – my kind of sewing group.
  2. I’m showing you below the wrong side of the neckline and where it was stabilized.

             underside of neckline

         Also, I’ve stopped being hesitant to use fusible tapes, including the serge-turn-press-sew hems.

Fusibles have changed for the better over the years. They’re not the stiff stuff of the past.

3. It got a lot of wear the summer of 2019, right through the Thanksgiving weekend (this is what we wore. In November. In Texas). That’s the kind of sewing I like to do; being mindful to make sure the item is used a lot. What’s the point of putting in all that work and resources for something that will be passed over for other wearables?  Except when a special occasion requires a one use garment.

Warning: See image below. Make sure the ties end up in a better place than on my tunic. To remedy that, I will be removing second and third set of ties and sewing the opening closed from that point down. One tie on the neckline is enough, but will take away the wrap-closure feature of the tunic. 


To create the outline and pattern for the neckline on paper that I’ve shared with you previously, go to this post to see it, and to also see the first time I attempted the tied, asymmetrical look.

The graphic below is a bare-bones outline of the neckline.


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza and whatever else you celebrate this time of year!



6 thoughts on “Assymetrical Neckline – Again

  1. Happy Holidays, Samina! I love this wrap neckline because there is coverage and not “almost exposure” like the ones crossing at the bust. It’s a shame you will be closing it up but understandable due to the awkwardness of the second tie. Very nicely done recreation of your inspiration piece and pretty fabric.


    1. Thank you, Lisa! Its a shame but I’ve learnt a lesson and realized the placement of tie #2 after the neckline was cut out. But it has to go. Lesson learned for the next one….


  2. Well, sometimes those placement issues are only visible when the entire item is finished (and I mean really really finished) (bias tape and rick rack in the seams finished). At least it can be altered and worn. I call it a win for that alone.

    And all the best of the holidays and the new year to you. Thanks for blogging.

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