March Hiatus

Gone fishin’!   As I mentioned in the last post, this March I will take time off from writing posts, and will come back hopefully refreshed in April.  Feel free to read my previous posts – there are 340 of them!

Meanwhile, I leave you with this awesome portrait of the late Cicely Tyson, photographed in 1972 by Lord Snowden.    Here’s Ms Tyson’s interview in InStyle magazine printed just before her death.  Take a close look at her dress which she wore to the premiere of her movie Sounder; it’s designed by Bill Whitten, who was unknown to me until now. Notice anything? The entire gown seems to be made up of old linens and textiles (in 1972!) — that’s just my observation. I’ll try to rustle up some more information about this dress, if I can.

Image from InStyle magazine , Photo: Lord Snowden, 1972. Dress by Bill Whitten

So, see you guys in a month! Be good and stay healthy. Love, Samina

2 thoughts on “March Hiatus

  1. hey Samina! thanks for the pic. she talks about it in her autobio, “Just as I Am” (C. Tyson)

    she had just been nominated for a golden globe for her portrayal of a 1930s sharecropper in “Sounder” (movie). For awards ceremonies she asked Whitten to design the dress her character, a 1930s sharecropper, would have worn if she had the money to ask a designer to make something really fancy out of the remnant materials that were available to her


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