Judy to the Rescue With Scissor Sheath Instructions

Hi readers, my friend Judy took on her caped crusader persona and wrote this piece exclusively for the Sew Everything Blog for awesome filler content during my March hiatus . I am forever beholden to her. Infinite thanks, Judy!


Hello, Samina’s fans. This is Judy.

I have my cape and am here to save the day. As you know, Samina  is taking a well deserved month off. She didn’t ask you permission so you maybe Jonesing for her blog. I am coming to the rescue.  Just a ‘quick fix’ to see you till the end of March, the beginning of April.. Samina once came to my rescue and I can never repay her.  Actually twice.

We will work on a  felted wool Scissor Sheath.   

  1. Start with a beautiful but lousy quality wool yarn. I suggest Kureyon by NORO.

2. Start knitting a sweater and continue as long as you can tolerate the irregularities or realize its never gonna fit.

3. Give up on it and throw in the washing machine with soap and a pair of jeans. Then, toss in the dryer.

4. Reward yourself with a glass of wine or chocolate depending on your religion.

5. Trace your scissors.

6. Cut out back piece from felt — larger than scissors.

7. Cut out front piece from felt —- 

The pieces shown on paper. The small dash on top is where the ribbon tie will be sewn on.

8. Hand sew around the outer edge with perle cotton, 1/8” ribbon or embroidery floss. A button hole stitch works fine.

9. Make loop for back and 12” long piece for front from 1” ribbon.

Hanging loop on the back

10. Sew these together—back loop joined thru tie.

Ribbon tie viewed from the front
Ribbon ties go through scissor handles and tie to secure. Voila.

10. Now you can hang your scissors if you wish and you can secure them in the front. The felt will protect them when they fall on your tile floor.

DISCLAIMER: this is , after all a sewing blog, so you can also do this with a piece of quilted fabric but I draw the line at making that sample. You do want it to be cushiony.

Be well. Judy.

4 thoughts on “Judy to the Rescue With Scissor Sheath Instructions

  1. Thanks Judy. Do you have a sewing blog? I like your style. Also what is the Instagram name for this blog and your blog. I tried to find “sew everything” on Instagram…without success.


    1. Hi Janet! On Instagram I use this handle: @saminakaty . On Twitter it is @seweverything .
      Judy does not write her own blog; she wrote this piece just for Sew Everything Blog – for which I am utterly grateful.


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