Follow the Sewing Feels. No Fine Sewing Today

(Go all the way down for haute couture inspiration, the pieces are 55 years apart!!! )

But first, my mundane black pants….

Sometimes in one’s sewing life, one needs to get over oneself. Occasionally you may not feel you want to follow all the protocols of good and clean sewing. Such was my trajectory with the black pants I stitched this week. And, I’m okay with it.

Beginning of a black pant collection?

All the Feels….

Wearing the pants, nothing seems sub par. As always, the fabric is excellent quality ponte knit from Sew Much Fabric — it has rayon and therefore wide legged loose pants drape just how I like them.

I did not bother to serge-finish the seams, or finish them some other way. Because, I didn’t feel like it! Is that reason enough? Besides, ponte knit is never ravelly at the cut edges.

On the outside, I did not feel I wanted to sew the included design panels on the pant legs — honestly, those seams are what make this pattern so appealing, and I have made many with those seams. Not today….

Note the cross marks? They’r for keeping track of number of times I’ve used this pattern.

So why use this pattern anyway, with the standout seaming when I won’t include that feature? Because, the upper portion (waist, hip, crotch) is a perfect fit, from which point I could do as I liked, eliminate the paneled seams and turn this pair into boring, black wide legged pants.

Perfect waist, hip and crotch fit. I added width below that point.

I chose to make black pants, because a sudden thought hit me while evaluating the array of pants in my wardrobe— last year I reached out for black pants on most mornings, after looking and admiring the coral, lime green, forest green pairs….. you get the picture. Today, I am wearing merlot (maroon) pants as I type. Yay. But, the black pairs got l the most use. Unfortunately, I had only two — one is the Vogue 1411 (out of print) in a narrow leg version, and the other a jean-ey, boot-cut style in a stretch. jeans pattern by Jennifer Stern. Both were made many years ago and are still good to wear (ponte knit never dies). Neither are worn out by my standards. But lately I was getting naggy feelings about the need for a loose leg black pant. So here we are.

Three widths: wide-legged, boot-cut, narrow.

Giving in to all the feels above resulted in this flappy pair which I think will see a lot of use, starting now. Wait, what about the next black pant — maybe a loose and casual capri length in black linen? By the way, who says you can’t wear black in hot Texas summers?

Does anyone know of a graphic like this for pant widths? Should I make one? Do I have to do everything myself??

For this week’s haute couture inspiration, look #21 presented by Valentino at the Spring Couture 2022 show. It makes my heart sing. Then, look at the 1967 Oscar de la Renta — is it inspiration for Valentino? Things are very rarely new in fashion.

Valentino Spring Couture 2022
Oscar de la Renta 1967 (!!!!)


4 thoughts on “Follow the Sewing Feels. No Fine Sewing Today

  1. I suspect there is a drawing that identifies the names of the different pant widths. Boot cut vs narrow vs peg ….. but I can’t lay eyes on it at the moment.

    A thousand years ago, a comedienne had a routine about the eternal hunt for a pair of black pants. That one had a pair, had the next pair, and had their antennae up for the pair after that. Think it was Carol Leifer. Possibly Merrill Markoe. Anyway, that you could never stop looking for the next pair of black pants, it was a woman’s eternal search.


    1. Love it when you comment on my posts! I will also try to find the pant width graphic, or just make my own.
      Until recently, I never quite understood the constant search for black pants by some women. I do now, and I don’t even work anymore, or travel, or live in New York.


  2. I can relate to ‘ No Fine Sewing Today’ because I just don’t feel like it! Black Ponte knit is one of my favorite knits to sew. The versatility of black Ponte knit pants is unlimited. I can dress it up or down, and it is very comfortable to wear. I love your blog and your fashion articles!


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