Dupatta (Scarf) Rehab

The first dupatta rehabilitation is complete, also being the first sewn project of 2022. I think it went well. What do you think? Did you see my previous post?

FRONT: 1) All edges were already finished with a black picot type edging and I used them at the tunic and sleeve hems — that took care of hemming on my part. 2) I placed the center front and center back on the picot edges and backed it with a fabric strip to simulated a fold. 3). I used a long out of print Simplicity pattern #4528 . The border and check print join is actually a seam.

My project was quick to make because I made it my mission to use the details already present there — the block printed borders (all four), and the picot type edging, the print between the borders in the body of the dupatta. There were actually two different prints running vertically in each half.


If you haven’t ever refashioned an existing textile, do try and rehabilitate a textile similar to this. How about a vintage tablecloth? How can you repurpose it to a garment so it doesn’t look tablecloth-ey?

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