Join Colleen G. Lea’s Live YouTube Broadcast. Plus, a True Upcycle: Standout Skirt to Bag Transformation.

Please mark your calendar on September 7, 2021, 5:30pm UK time, 11:30 am Central US, 12:30 pm Eastern US (appropriate times for Mountain and Pacific zones). Why? To watch Colleen G. Lea’s LIVE YouTube broadcast, of course.

Colleen’s videos mainly focus on refashioning existing clothing with her own unique design aesthetic which is majorly focused on sustainability and high end chic.

In that no-waste spirit, this one is my personal favorites:

Skirt to slouchy pouch by Colleen G. Lea

A leather skirt is transformed into a trendy, large and slouchy bag —- done without cutting into it. There are several boxes that can be checked off in Colleen’s refashioned/upcycled bag. 1) It’s wonderfully usable and fashionable, with many pockets and sections. 2) There’s zero waste. Not a single piece was cut away or cut out or cut into. It’s all in the folding, y’all. 3) Colleen takes you through the entire thought and design process in one video.

If you have questions about this or other refashioning ideas, you have a chance to ask her during the above mentioned Live session on YouTube! I’ve cleared my calendar and will see you there 🙂

There are some principles Colleen recommends and follows herself; among them — take your time to think it through, don’t avoid hand sewing to achieve a finely sewn result and try for minimal waste. Good sustainability principles to keep in mind.

So, my sewing buddies, I’ll see you on Colleen’s live broadcast! No, I’m not her PR person; I just like to watch her videos, try to follow the sustainable design principles therein, and because Colleen is an extremely nice human.

Keep well, my buddies.


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