Making a Scrunchie with the Burrito Technique? Wonders of YouTube.

Hi everyone! I’m tapping out this post on my iPad and using the WordPress app to do everything I did on my laptop —- which broke and succumbed to the injuries. Until I replace it, this is how I will blog. Tap-blogging is a new experience for me; an external keyboard will be joining this iPad very soon.

Let’s move to the scrunchie bits. I’ve never attempted to make a scrunchie — you know, that relic from the nineties? Yet here I am because Sarah Mirza asked for a silk scrunchie.

They are the easiest thing to make, right? Nevertheless, I googled the process on YouTube; okaaay, cut a fabric strip of sufficient width, fold and sew into a tube, turn tube to right side, thread elastic through it, blah, blah, blah. But wait just a minute, right there in the video as the presenter was creating the fabric tube, I sat up straight and paid full attention. The fabric tube was made in a novel way! It’s all in the folding and enclosing part of the fabric inside.

“Today’s Embroidery & Sewing” channel on YouTube. Please watch.

In one continuous seam, the fabric tube was sewn, after which turning to the right side was a cinch — and the right side was already in a circle. I mean, you have to go watch it. The presenter demonstrates it twice in the video — and I still backed up to watch it a third time. I am dubbing this the Burrito Scrunchie. Serious shirt makers will know what I mean.

Charmeuse “Burrito”
Magic charmeuse ircle
👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 (the narrow scrunchie on the left was made in the conventional way.

Okay, guys, that’s the excitement for today. See you next week! —— Samina

2 thoughts on “Making a Scrunchie with the Burrito Technique? Wonders of YouTube.

  1. Thanks Samina! That is pretty different; at first, I was thinking Mobius strip, but then when I saw it, I thought “sea cucumber” or at least those funny little water toys we used to have, that continuously turn themselves inside out.
    Sorry to hear about your computer – typing on tablets is no fun! I hope you get a really nice one to replace it.


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