Seamstress’ Truths.

Hey, readers! Hope you all are doing well.  Today’s post seems hastily written, but I’ve been saving this title to use as a quick post when there’s no time to do a detailed post.  Therefore, this “quickie” post is yours to enjoy (or not). 

These events happen at least a few times in the sewing lives of prolific seamstresses. Read on and if you can think of more, let us know of your own seamstress truth in the comment section.

Decades old hanging threads: Hanging threads discovered after use; sometimes after many years of use, as in the pictured curtains, above left.


Damage on your best loved sewn projects: above is my much loved silk pajama set top where the fabric frayed after a couple of washes. I fixed it by backing the area with a fusible interfacing, and a discreet zigzag after snapping this picture.  Does silk do that? My other, much laundered silk crepe top is not fraying.  Then there is the self-inflicted damage; not pictured is the recent coral rayon tunic, which got a small snip in the side slit area while doing #1 (snipping off hanging threads). Careless, careless!

Sofa armrest as pincushion: come on, you do this regularly while hand sewing in front of the TV. Right?? PSA: If you do indulge in this lazy seamstress idea, just make sure to remove all pins after the hand sewing is done.

Dark navy thread on black fabric.

Wrong thread color : (common in aging eyes or very low light). This happens to me due to both reasons of aging eyes and low light.  Well, how is one to tell the difference between dark navy and black thread? Maybe take it to a well lighted area just to be sure. Pictured: topstitched pocket on this robe.

Off season azaleas ?!

Now, please enlighten me about why my azaleas are blooming profusely —- in August!!  This is a first. Usually they bloom in spring and Fall in my part of Texas. Global warming? Climate change? Hidden blooms from the Big Texas Freeze in February? Master gardeners, please tell.

More next week, friends! Take care of yourself — the pandemic seems to have emerged bigger and stronger. Some of you may disagree with me (but I will say it in the interest of public health): 1) Get vaccinated. 2) Mask up when needed.


3 thoughts on “Seamstress’ Truths.

  1. Samina,
    You are a hoot! Thank you for sharing your sewing boo-boos and the like. [A portable daylight lamp or a head lamp (worn on the forehead with an elastic strap), available at outdoor stores or Amazon, might help with some of these issues].


    1. Glad you enjoyed the post, Joan. I do have a daylight Ott Light lamp; thank you for reminding me. Now, about the off season azalea blooms — any thoughts?


  2. I just saw the part about the azaleas. When I lived in TX, some of the plants would get so stressed as to become dormant in the summer, even though the leaves were fine (Bradford pear, too). Then, when it started to cool off or become wetter or both, they think it is springtime and bloom again.


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