One or Two inches down from Waist: Side seam pocket placement formula

There. The title of this post is saying all I need to say. But you know me. I have more words to write.

Header photo credit: Valentino, Fall 2021. Vogue Runway website.

Remember the formula for patch pocket placement on a top or jacket – the one I wrote sometime in the before times? That means pre-pandemic, just to put an approximate time on it. But click here to refresh your memory. There’s an even simpler formula when you add a pocket in the side seam. Sure, one can put their hand on the side and establish where the inseam pocket should begin and end. But there is something deliciously nerdy about formulas.

I want to give full credit to sewing teacher Claire Shaffer and her book “Sew Any Set-in Pocket”.

It works. I tried it with my curent project (a stash buster because there’s nowhere to wear it at this time, and it needs a new bottom piece — probably wide white pants. You’ll see it in it’s entirety soon.) .

It starts from the waist.

This formula works because it starts from your waist position. Establish your waist level and mark it. Measure 1-2 inches down from the mark. This is the point where the top of your pocket piece will begin, even though your hand will be actually placed lower in the pocket. Next, be sure the width of your inseam pocket will accommodate your hand, maybe a phone or keys.

Excuse my primitive illustration. I’m working on tablet drawing and am way behind.

So, here’s the full outfit from Valentino’s Fall 2021 collection, where you can see the pocket being used. It makes me smile and I’m aspiring toward the complete look.

I want this entire outfit, please.

Dear readers, I’m a couple of days late from the usual Tuesday morning blog post, but I’m glad to be here. Be safe and have a good day. See you next week! Samina

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