Chatty Post: Button Sew-On Foot (Modified Info); New Robe; Sewing Man Hammie; Florence Henderson Mullet.

Please accept my apology for not staring at my old button sew-on foot long enough.  Here’s an edit to the last post, where I compare the new Bernina Button Sew-On Foot and my old one — both #18.  A couple of days after uploading the previous post, something nagged at me.  I went back and really looked at and explored my old #18. What do you know, it does have an adjustable center pin. In the previous post I had said that only the new #18 has an adjustable center pin which can be raised or lowered to accommodate thicker fabric where one would want a higher thread shank.  Well, now.  With a twist of a tiny screw driver which loosens two screws, my old #18 also has that feature. Here it is in pictorial form, one shows the center pin at the lowest level, the other is showing the highest.  Moral of the story: look at (really look and research) your machine accessories. 

Pin up (left). Pin lowered (right)
Adorable rooster to potentially use your button sew-on foot! I see buttons, sequins, beads and a whole lot more! Someone named Barbara made this — my heartfelt thanks to her.

Onto a finished sewing project:  What’s a fancy pj set without a robe? While it’s not a good idea to wear it around in the heat of Texas summers, I do have it if I want to wear it in cooler weather or when there are guests in my home – ever.  I used long scraps from the pj silk and the recycled polka dot skirt to add bands and pockets to the robe. The main fabric is rayon challis from Sew Much Fabric, my go-to fabric source.  This particular challis may be sold out because I could not find it to link it up here. Go there and find other fantastic fabric.

With and without a belt. I prefer the no-belt look because it suits my preference for a carefree and effortless vibe in fashion
The pajama set which inspired the robe. Here’s a link to see more detail.

Here’s my man Hammie raving about his love of the sewing machine. With sharp needles moving at warp speed, the possibility of bloodshed — what’s not to love?

Brady mom – Florence Henderson, first purveyor of the mullet.  Who said certain country music stars popularized the mullet haircut? Or certain TV stars? Or those adorable people living out in the boonies?  It was the late Florence Henderson, Mama Brady herself from the Brady Bunch. You can binge on the series on Hulu and if you stick with it, you can see certain cultural and fashion changes in the later seasons.  For example, season 1 (1969) had all women and girls (except Alice the housekeeper) wearing the tiniest of mini-skirts and dresses ever. I could almost see the discomfort in how Ms Henderson (Carol Brady) moved around.  As the seasons progressed, we see her in pants and a certain ease of movement; finally  knee length skirts and a midi dress.  Not sure why I binged on The Brady Bunch; but thoroughly enjoyed binging on The Mary Tyler Moore Show where the same fashion and cultural shifts were apparent as the series went on. It also reinforced my opinion that MTMS  is/was the most cerebrally hilarious TV sitcom ever. Nothing has topped it so far. 

The polished and sophisticated mullet hairdo sported by the late Florence Henderson

I can chat to eternity about the sewing and fashion world, but let’s end here.  Take care, friends!


2 thoughts on “Chatty Post: Button Sew-On Foot (Modified Info); New Robe; Sewing Man Hammie; Florence Henderson Mullet.

  1. Morning Samina! You are so right about machine accessories – and the machines themselves – until you sit down with the manual and do it step by step, you may be missing out on some cool features! I think everyone should take the time to sit with their machine, all their accessories and the instructions and just go page by page to really learn about their machine. At least, I really enjoy doing it myself! And you can always make a sampler to hang on the wall for reference… sewing room decorations that are fun to make and practical!

    I love your robe, it really completes the lounge look with the PJ’s. You’ve certainly inspired me to make better lounge wear for myself!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Totally agree with you about reading the manual and the idea of samplers as wall art! The little bit of info that came with my old button foot did not mention the adjustable pin — I think that may be why I missed it until now.
      I think staying home more is now integral to our health for the forseeable future — so nice loungewear is definitely what I want to add more of.


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