Rayon Georgette Tunic for Dog Days of Summer

It is quite a stretch for me to say “dog days of summer” in September. In Texas. The air conditioning is running all day, and nothing other than lightweight clothing is the norm. The weather may get cooler in November, or not.

Dog Days Tunic.

I feel really good in this! And the “granny topknot”……..

Check out the extra long and artfully untied ties. Feel free to room rate.

Well okay, now that that’s established, here’s my latest make above; a loose, summery, rayon-georgette top that I just love. Here I am, wearing the top with navy ponte knit pants, and I’m ready to go buy toilet paper.

I’ll try to keep this post short, and hope you’ll enjoy it.


Rayon-georgette for tunic; pants are a previously made ponte knit pair. Both from Sew Much Fabric. It may be sold out, but feel free to check other fabrics on Roz’ site.


None. The “kurta” draft was used to make this top. For the neckline treatment (slit and collar band), I used an old Simplicity standby (out of print). Type in “kurta” in the search box above and you can see the draft.


What do you think of the pearly buttons on each side of the neck band? Too much? The buttons serve no purpose other than just sit there and look pretty.

More detail

The shirring and the neckline tie detail was inspired by Ann Ngo’s blouse in this very fabric! Watch this video and follow her at Youtique Bridal on YouTube and @youtiquebridal on Instagram. I changed the location of my shirring to the panel under the sleeve. Wanna see the live chat Ann and I had when she invited me to be her guest on IG Live? Go here

Well, here we are with another one for the closet. Such a “free and airy” feeling to make and finish a new wearable, no? If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

Be healthy. Please.


8 thoughts on “Rayon Georgette Tunic for Dog Days of Summer

  1. Very pretty top, Samina. I really like your use of the shirring under the arm to give some fitting and detail. I also like your pretty button detail!

    ALMOST the beginning of a tiny smile there!


    1. Thank you, Kasey! The original idea for buying the buttons along with the fabric was for a front opening. But plans changed, and I’m left with 3 extra buttons 🙂 . They’re now in the button stash!


  2. Love all the details on your Shirred blouse Samina! Thank you for sharing it with us and also for sharing your journey of sewing everything! ❤️ We’ll get a pic of us twinning of these days! Take care🤗


    1. Thanks, Roz! This fabric is lightweight, yet so easy to handle — maybe the crepey texture makes it less slippery. I thoroughly enjoyed sewing it.


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