Going All “Lifestyle”…

Non-sewing days or weeks are bound to happen occasionally. As a rule, I do not sew all day; otherwise I would burn out really fast.  So, this week the Sew Everything Blog has gone “lifestyle” on you.  Today I’m sharing cooking stuff, sharing my latest Netflix binge, telling you about my non-sewing reading, taking on a garden project (maybe), and I had to get in a glimpse of Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Week images. Sigh.


…… an extremely soapy show from Spain called “Velvet”: I’m watching two episodes every night. In Spanish. With subtitles.  Just the title, Velvet, made my eyes and ears perk up when it appeared on my Netflix page. The preview indicated that it’s about seamstresses and of course I had to start watching it.  If I was to give it an English title, it would be “The Love Lives of Haute Couture Seamstresses in 1959 Madrid”.  With all the plot twists and cliffhangers, I am hooked (and irritated). It’s four seasons with a lot of episodes per season.  Regarding the authenticity of the costumes, kudos to the costume designer; to me the 1959 vibes seem close to authentic — complete with the pointy bra silhouettes. And then, lo and behold, a spin-off is popping up called “Velvet Collezione” where we’ve apparently moved to the 1960s.  Can’t wait to start on that! 


Has a quiche-y taste. Next up: apple galette!

On to cooking!  I’ve wanted to try a galette for a long time – from scratch.  I dug out this recipe I’d saved from an old issue of Fine Cooking Magazine. Sorry, I cannot provide a link to the recipe here, because Fine Cooking (formerly of The Taunton Press) has been acquired by Meredith Corporation, owner of Better Homes and Gardens among other publications.  As for the galette, it is delicious; I am very proud that the pastry turned out just as intended – without a soggy bottom!! Mine has (had) a savory quiche-like filling, but no stopping me from using fruit next time for a cool apple galette.


The original. Grass is not happy. There is some dappled sunlight but not enough.

Y’all, my garden is not very pretty, especially the backyard. The front yard also needs attention where I’m obsessing about a specific spot.  My large oak tree, plus the neighbor’s tree keeps the sun away from one spot where the grass refuses to grow – even after some tree trimming and raising/opening the canopy.  What do you think about creating a “dry river bed” look in this spot with stones, pebbles and appropriately spare greenery?  I have been obsessively collecting images from Pinterest on my board called “Garden” — the lower two images are from Pinterest (with thanks to the original photographers of these images). Should you want to check out my garden board, here it is. Any other ideas?  This is Texas and the winters are mild. 


I looove this 4-book series by Elena Ferrante, written in Italian, translated by Anne Stein.  The first in this set of four books, “My Brilliant Friend” was a birthday gift from my daughter.  After reading it, I immediately became a fan of Ms Ferrante and the translator! Then, ordered the second one and finished it; then along came book three and four, which I will start as soon as three other books in my queue are finished.  Yep. I read plenty – fiction and non-fiction. I am currently reading “The Mirror and the Light” by Hilary Mantel, the last one in a trilogy where the first two just blew me away, but the last one drags through at least the first half. It’s history, so it’s all factual, but Mantel wrote it like fiction.

Current Fashion Week – Spring 2021 Valentino

Embellishment by Valentino, Spring Summer 2021. Not a new concept but so beautiful. I’m inspired.

Couldn’t stay away from some brand new fashion inspiration!  Here are a couple of images from Vogue Runway. They are from the Spring Summer 2021 Valentino collection. Look familiar? Easy? Think we can do that? Or have done this already? It’s just flower appliques on lace!! Go look at the entire collection, people! 

That’s my lifestyle post, friends! There’s way more to my life than making all my clothing. Until next time….


6 thoughts on “Going All “Lifestyle”…

  1. We have a dry stream bed, Samina: we put some Siberian irises in for the greenery (with lovely April or May blooms), but I have also seen some elegant shrubs used in a dry bed, as well. Your left photo shows irises, I believe. Make sure you get the scale of the rocks right the first time (our SoCal house had a great dry bed, but our new home in the MW has too-small rocks, and it is a real conduit for storm water runoff, so many rocks were dragged into the ravine in an early downpour!). Make sure you have a very good landscape cloth under the rocks, and dig out the bed slightly to have a natural “river bottom” with slight banks, as in your photo. I have some nice photos of dry stream beds that I collected that I can email, if you’d like some more examples (just let me know).


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