Annual Event: Picking on the Fall 2019 Haute Couture

Featured Image from Vogue Runway

Every year I wait for the Couture collections to seek out over-the-top and apparently unwearable looks.  That said, most haute couture offerings have underlying wearability if you look beyond what’s attention grabbing.  Some of them are extremely inspiring for seamstresses like me.   And, some designs are ripe for a bit of snark where no amount of staring will bring out the wearable quotient – no offense to the designers and seamstresses of the design house.

Today I’ll focus on the Valentino Collection by Pierpaolo Piccioli here’s what I could not look away from (All images from Vogue Runway):

Extreme Embellishment:

Sharksteeth!!  I mean…..


_ALE0731 Sharksteeth by Vallentino

The embellishment by fabric manipulation in this gown is top tier, in my opinion. The wearability quotient and drama are in perfect balance. The combination of bright peacock blue organza, the bodice with button-up vibes, and the prolific use of what the French heirloom sewing community in the US has dubbed “sharksteeth” — just works. It works, works and works.


Other embellished designs offered by Mr Piccioli consist of  diaphanous embroidered and appliqued  flowers. I love how they’re used here as a transition between prints.

Color Combinations:



Color combinations I could never think of!! Why is this combo (appropriately called citreon and prune by the Vogue editor) working so well? Or the dusty pink, light kiwi green and a brick red pant in the lower photo? Will it work with my prosaic, daily wardrobe?



Invoking Raggedy Ann

Yeah, the Couture is known for attention grabbing styling where you can’t even see the actual clothes. While I won’t wear the ethnic headdresses and Raggedy Ann wigs, I can see the fashion clearly and like it very much.

Bonus Look: Extreme Fabric Love (snarky comment)


The I-Always-Carry-My-Fabric-With-Me look.  It could be a zero-waste top/blouse seeing that the designer did not want to cut up and throw away the scraps – use it all up!  I would have loved to see the back of this top. Let’s guess. I’m saying it’s a bare back possibly tied with couture spaghetti straps. Something has to be holding in all that fabric.  What do you think?

OMG Moment: Lauren Hutton Appeared!


I’m aging myself, but when Lauren Hutton appeared, I almost fainted. There she is in all her senior supermodel glory.

Okay, I’m off to stare at more Haute Couture 2020 on VogueRunway.  It’s the ideal thing to do on a hot and lazy summer day.







6 thoughts on “Annual Event: Picking on the Fall 2019 Haute Couture

  1. Imagine sewing and turning all those triangles ‘shark teeth’, and they look perfect! And in that light fabric! I was trying see see if they proportionally get slightly bigger as they go down the dress, too – what do you think? Nice selection!


    1. Yep. The “teeth” definitely get proportionally larger as they go from bodice to skirt. Painstaking, perfect handsewing is what makes haute couture garments the price of a car — maybe even a house 🙂 .


  2. Thank You- I enjoy these! The colors truly are amazing! And I would wear them in similar fashions as these. I like these designs too! If only I had the “eye” to find and combine them at the fabric store…..sigh. The designer truly has a gift I don’t have.


    1. Something happens in fabric stores where we forget about the best laid sewing plan, and jump on everything that is eye candy! Lol!


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