Faced Neckline:  Lesson Learned From a South Asian Tailor

Hey kids, you’ve been doing it all wrong!  How do you face a neckline?

The tailor is Sajid of Sajid Designs, and you may not understand the language because he is Indian, but the videos are visually clear and understandable.  He, like tailors from that part of the world, works a little differently than us home seamstresses in the US.  For instance, they have their own pattern drawing ways and formulas for fit, and some of their methods seem a little bit intuitive (nothing wrong with intuition). Also, the pattern is chalk-marked directly on the fabric. Goals….

YouTube Video Link to Sajid Designs

The YouTube video linked above is from Sajid Designs, which is all about the embellishment. But the most revelatory thing here is how Master Sajid faced the neckline to prepare for the embellishment. Cutting out the shape of the neckline on the front piece is one of the last things in the process.   Well, watch the video.  The blingy, beady embellishment is also pretty – bling is the Indian black. Did I just make up that phrase?

YouTube Video from Sajid Designs with Silver Embellishment

In the second video with striped silver embellishment, he refers to the silver prairie-point edging as “samosa lace”. Cue the cultural reference….. image of real samosas on the right. (Samosa image source)


Excuse me while I go face a neckline…..



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