Finally! White Pants, Vogue 1411



Well, the excitement got a little dampened along the way. Here’s why: All I wanted was an added pintucked detail to a much loved pants pattern in my favorite ponte knit from Sew Much Fabric.  In spite of using all the appropriate threads, twin-needle sizes etc, and all the right sewing tricks, it began to be difficult. Like a family suddenly gone dysfunctional.  Read on….

The pintucked detail is barely visible in the photograph; can you see it? 

After 10 pairs of Vogue 1411, I made an 11th pair of pants and decided to include a pin-tucked look (with a twin needle) on the middle front piece (which falls on the knee), hoping the pintucks might just give the finished detail a cool “moto” vibe.    Everything went smoothly for a few rows of pintucking and then slowly but surely, things started to go wrong.

Skipped stitches, breaking thread and all that. I’m researching this as you read this. Any thoughts? 

It started with skipped stitches (this is where I changed the twin needle), went on to breaking thread and much frustration. Nevertheless, I persisted – in re-threading again and again. I managed to complete one “knee”; but the piece for the second leg tested my patience. I gave up when there were a few rows left to do – that is why you see a blank space on one of the middle front pieces.


I have pintucked successfully with a twin needle (wider than one used for the knee piece) to topstitch the seams on all previous 10 pairs of these here pants because that is what the pattern calls for. Well, I’ll be thinking and nerding out until this issue is solved – never give up!

Additional note:  according to Vogue Patterns’ website, Vogue 1411 by Sandra Betzina is out of print. Insert sad face emoji here….

On the whole, these pants make me happy because winter has gone, and they fill up the white-pant hole in the trouser section of the closet. I’m thrilled with the cool and fresh vibes when this pair of white pants is worn with my “blue lagoon” tunic.


White pants are the third item made for my Spring 2019 wardrobe plan.  I like how the mood-board “collection” is working out.  Onward! To the next item on the plan.



4 thoughts on “Finally! White Pants, Vogue 1411

  1. We are all too critical of our work. No one will see the skipped stitches. The overall look of the twin-needled sections adds visual interest and make the pants more interesting. Good idea.


  2. I love this outfit. I like the princess seams of the blouse coming from the shoulder, and your idea to add stitching to the knee panel. Did you figure out why the thread kept breaking? Was one of the threads not able to turn freely? I have broken all my double needles but not the thread! Frustrating, but you got the end result you were aiming for. The firefly sandals are also fantastic!


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