Best Laid Plans….

Good Morning, America!!

Heartfelt and sincere greetings on your birthday.  I see that you haven’t lost your vibrant, messy, lovable, complicated-yet-simple youthfulness at age 251.  So, Happy Birthday, America! I love you and always will.

In life and in politics, the best intentions can go in an unintended direction; thus went my sewing plans for a project to share with you on this Independence Day. In the grand scheme of things, the act of sewing is not quite at the topmost level; er, say that to a dedicated seamstress and prepare for backlash. Just kidding.

RWB Scraps

So lets celebrate the unintended.   I’m sharing an image of the raw materials meant for a July 4th project; included are linen scraps from other projects and a navy blue remnant purchased for a long-forgotten idea.  The red/white/blue linen idea is still in my head, and I’m not sure how it will turn out; the sewing elements rolling around cerebrally are, a) heirloom type stitching, b) curvy shapes, c) clueless as to what use it will be in daily life. Because, anything I make must have a function.  We’ll see.  Meanwhile…….

…. have a great Independence Day on this July 4th!


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