“Wedding Cake Mat” on #MasalaMommas

Hi Readers, I’ll send you directly to the Masala Mommas online magazine to read my quick DIY project for a wedding cake mat (or cake cloth?) — you know, a nice cloth for placing under a wedding cake.


The version specially made for Masala Mommas is white tulle and a magenta pink flower trim which makes such an impact!! The photo does not do it justice. Only the sewing machine and basic accoutrements were used in making the tulle mat. Go on over there and read how I did it, then go ahead and make one. It doesn’t have to be for weddings only. Change the fabric and trim for other occasions.

(Photo on the left by Kendall Hanna Photography).  The background is really a white wall, and it’s totally my fault if it appears pink. I should stop manipulating perfectly good photos by professionals.  Right photo shows the close up of the fabric and trim.

It started when I made a really quick cloth for under my daughter’s wedding cake (actually a french macaron tower). I used a metallic/nylon fabric and some metallic flowered trim which I glued on.  My bad, but it is utter bling! See above.




2 thoughts on ““Wedding Cake Mat” on #MasalaMommas

  1. Thank you, Lisa! The photo really does not do it justice. It is spectacular in person – even if I say so myself 🙂 .


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