Hidden London….

It takes a visitor to see things which a Londoner may pass over. Continue further to enjoy this image heavy post.  (OK, it’s not a sewing post, but fun nonetheless).

First up: it’s true. English speaking peoples on both sides of the Atlantic are related by blood if you dig deep enough, and by similar culture, dress and history. But they are, for sure, separated by a shared native language – English.  Just for fun, here are images of signage while traveling in the great city of London and thereabouts. American terms (or my own words) are in parenthesis.

Way Out (Exit) and Help Point  (Information) signs at a train station.

Alight (Polite term for “Get off the train”) and No Dog Fouling (Pick up your doggie poo)

Other train ride scenes: bronze traveler at Brixton; station name resonates of Harry Potter – is Wandsworth Common the wand manufacturing headquarters? (as they say, LOL).

Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station. I do believe Hedwig’s already flown through the wall!!


Hidden Spots:

Quaintly picturesque sidewalk along the River Thames on the walk home:  Mailbox which someone forgot to remove; the brick structure — is this an old gate post, a doghouse or maybe just a forgotten garden feature?

Houseboats on the Thames (hidden, a bit unkempt side of the River Thames).

Brentford Walk Thames

Of course, the Museums:

I visited the special underwear exhibit at the V & A, and also this Chanel outfit made specially for Diana Vreeland in 1937 in their permanent collection:


The Charles Dickens Museum:  Mr D’s very own desk…..


….. Mrs Catherine Dickens’ needlework, and the family dining table and china where Mr & Mrs D were prolific hosts.

Just so you do not get blog overload, I’ll post images on another day, of Cambridge, Kew Gardens and things I found walking around in Brentford which Londoners definitely do not notice,  including a marker for historic battles fought centuries ago, a few steps from where my daughter shops for groceries. You’ll also see my pathetically low volume of shopping at Liberty Store.

Hope you enjoyed these images. If you didn’t, well, you kinda have to be there…..

Back to sewing up stuff.









5 thoughts on “Hidden London….

  1. Short answer: Bought just one piece and not for myself. My daughter kept trying to convince me to buy fabric while browsing in Liberty but I didn’t. Go figure….


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