The Urge to Sew … There’s No Stopping It

Happy Fourth of July!

Are you getting the urge to sew something – anything – this summer?  Heed these words from an old sewing book I own:  “…. a seamstress will sew with the urgency with which an artist paints…”

In my last blog post, I mentioned that another blog post will be unlikely to appear for another 2-3 months. True, that. I did not anticipate sitting down to sew, let alone write a post about it. My mom had just passed on, and almost 2 months later my daughter’s wedding reception was to take place.

As it turns out, I did sew in those two months, leaving me with the sense that no matter what the circumstances, a sewing enthusiast will take up a needle/thread/sewing machine/fabric, given the smallest opportunity.

I made these three projects in improvised locations around the house (sewing room being dismantled to make room for visiting family), on a mechanical Bernette sewing machine. Not the ideal set-up, but…….

Improv Sew Table

1. Curtains:

Curtains Curtain components

I managed to dress this window in these here curtains so the anticipated wedding guests have some privacy. I think they’re adorable!  The fabric is quilting cotton, purchased only because of the awesome print; I lined them with, wait for it — lace!! Why lace? Because I had it; fortunately it worked out perfectly. Between the quilting cotton and the cheap polyester lace, the curtains are thick enough for privacy.  Of course, I also indulged in my newfound love of plastic grommets to thread the curtain through a spring rod (manufactured as a shower rod).

2. Pillow covers:

Tie dye Striped back

Long hoarded tie-dyed pieces made by one of my daughters as a school art project decades ago, became these fab pillow covers this year. The blue/white cotton pillow-back was also a stash piece; I think the sewing stars just about aligned here. The pillow coordinated with some pretty storage bins in this room. (This guest room sported unintentional sewing décor).

3. Blouse:

blouse blouse sari

This deserves an entire blog post; in short I managed to make this silk brocade blouse (lined) to wear with my grandma’s sari. The blouse is beautiful! But as it turned out I had to go to plan B because my grandma, bless her soul, had spilled food on her sari a lifetime ago. I’m glad I finished the blouse, although it was not worn.

So, there you have it.  All of the above projects were made just because I had to sew something — anything.

There is no stopping the “urge to sew”.  Do you agree?

Have a great Independence Day!


8 thoughts on “The Urge to Sew … There’s No Stopping It

  1. The lace lined curtains are genius. I have that same lace and some cute quilt fabric purchased for a curtain for my sewing room. The lace will look fabulous from the back yard. Thank you for your creativity and the ‘urge to sew (for me)’

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    1. You are welcome, Janith! It’s amazing how creative one can get when determined to use the fabric stash …. you can find just about anything in a large stash 🙂

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  2. I totally understand your ‘urge’ to sew–and you do it so beautifully! A few times in my life when things were really more than I could handle the urge/need to sew took over and saved me. When I quit flying I had the worst time adjusting. I just didn’t. I was nut functioning properly and didn’t even realize it. The the ‘urge’ kicked in and for 6 months I sewed and sewed and sewed. While I was finishing one garment I would be planning the next and I didn’t realize it at the time but with one part of my brain focused on sewing the other part was ‘adjusting’ to my new life and 6 months and 30 garments later I was a new person and ready to look for a new job.

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  3. Samina, what sweet creative projects you’ve done while suffering a loss, anticipating a joy and waiting for the influx of company!
    Beautiful work, and I hope it was healing, as well!

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  4. Samina, congratulations to you for finding a way to satisfy those sewing urges during this time. And what wonderful finished items you created! I hope you get to wear your beautiful blouse soon. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I’ll have to get a new sari to coordinate with my blouse. My grandmother’s sari coordinated beautifully — until I saw the food stains. I had a good laugh about it, though.


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