This is How I Roll or First Assignment for Blogging U.

Spool T

To my readers who have faithfully and very sweetly been reading my blog posts: you will see more frequent posts here because I’ve gone and signed up for Blogging 101, a course offered by the blogging software company – – whose platform I use to publish my posts. The posts published while I’m taking this course may or may not be sewing related; they may be scintillating prose or just plain drivel. Please bear with me while I do some learning. You know I love you all.

To any new readers who may venture here, thank you! I’m Samina, and I sew everything (or try to) and like to show you that it can be done. The first assignment is to write a post about “who I am and why I’m here”. The very old and battered t-shirt I own (pictured above) says it all; you know, the spool of thread graphic tying in with my obsession with sewing…….

That sewing obsession is what started this blog. And I must say that only another sewing obsessed person will understand it. I mean, is the activity of wielding needle, thread, fabric and a sewing machine (in the interest of making fashion, décor and other things) worthy of obsession? Of course! The expensive jacket you’re wearing was made on a sewing machine, people! Why should it not be my sewing machine?

And – that is why I’m here; to share the good word. The whole “make your own clothes” thing can be done. There are a million sewing bloggers out there, and I realize that it is quite a monumental task to make myself heard; I’ll be a sewing blogger anyway.

Eagerly anticipating the next assignment from ‘s Blogging U.

Thank you for visiting! I’d love to see your comments and suggestions!


9 thoughts on “This is How I Roll or First Assignment for Blogging U.

    1. Thanks, Charlene! Feel free to add some words of wisdom of your own; I myself learned a lot from you when you lived around here. And then you went and moved 😦

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  1. Hi fellow Blogging101-er! I’ve always been envious of those who can make their own clothes – the only thing I’ve ever managed was a basic A-line skirt that didn’t fit! I look forward to reading more of your blog.

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    1. Just followed you too, Libby! I encourage you to keep making the basic items, and don’t give up until you have it fit the way you want. After that it’ll be a piece of cake.


  2. Good for you Samina! I’m glad your daughter’s wedding and all your spring activities went well, and I’m sure they’ll fuel your writing this summer. I look forward to your posts, be they sewing related or not.

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  3. I am a regular follower of your posts. I loved the batwa making blog. Could you please tell me how to make juzdaan ( wrap to keep quran) and khwanposh as well. Thanks a lot.


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