Summertime, Easy Sewingtime….

It summertime and the sewing is easy.  Next month, it will be hotter ‘n hell in Texas.  While the fashion industry and most well-organized home sewers are planning and replenishing their fall closets, I am still trying to sew summer clothes for myself.


Casual Lady V2

This striped tunic recently came off my sewing machine in the way of summer clothing. Its the Casual Lady pattern (available from Go To Patterns), sewn in striped fabric  from Spoonflower.  Please note that I have a complete stash of striped fabric. The striped fabric fairy visits me often, and I have more striped stuff in transit as we speak……


The tunic pattern was purchased in 2013 because at the time the money went to a worthy cause; I’m happy to say that the pattern itself fits well and is nicely shaped. This, by the way, is the second use of the Casual Lady pattern; the previous one was made in 2013 and was inspired by a Jason Wu t-shirt. See that post here.

I will use this pattern again since it is a good easy make for summer. I could lengthen it to the floor and call it a maxi. I could go the opposite way and make it into a crop top, at the risk of being disowned by family and friends.

Occasionally I get obsessive/compulsive about sewing details in the most casual, quick-sewn item. Here is what I just had to do when turning the armhole edge.


Instead of sewing up the entire hem edge with the same cream thread, I stopped at the beginning of the mustard part and changed to mustard thread. Don’t raise your eyebrows; Coco Chanel changed the thread mid-buttonhole to match the print in haute couture items! I’m in good company…

What have you sewn for the summer? Have you skipped summer sewing and gone directly to replenishing the Fall wardrobe?









11 thoughts on “Summertime, Easy Sewingtime….

  1. Love the cool, casual vibe of this top! And, I’m compulsive enough to change thread colors when too stitching. Once, I stopped and started my top stitching down the front of a silk/linen blouse that I had printed fanciful picnic necessities down the front of. That was an awful lot of thread thing and knot burying, but the results were worth it!


  2. Goodness, I dislike auto-correct and hope everyone can read and “see” what I actually meant in my previous post! I know topstitching is one word!


  3. so very cute Samina. And even though I’m not sewing right now – if I was at home I would still be sewing summer clothes, because starting to Fall clothes would be planning and heavens knows that’s not possible it seems like for me!


    1. Ain’t that the truth – airconditioning and sleeveless in November. There should be a line of clothing designed just for the Southern fall season.


  4. I love the summer freshness of those stripes. It’s a simple style but the fabric really makes the top stand out. I’ve always hated the way summer clothes disappear so early from the stores, but now I can stay in season and make or remake my own.


    1. Thank you, Lisa.
      I love this tunic. It’s already been “road-tested” and looks better on me than on the dress form :), even if I say so myself…..


  5. So let’s see a picture of the cute top on you! I love that you change thread colors…huge on my list of ‘how to’. Love the stripes. Very ‘fresh’ . I’m heading into winter sewing and hoping I get it done for 2014 winter. This pattern may be just the thing under my sweaters.


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