Sewing a Renfrew Hack: Cold Shoulder Version

I kinda like the term “hack” when it’s applied to sewing patterns; affirms that I’m living in the 21st century. The other connotations of that word give me the heebie jeebies; shudder…. After tracking the cold-shoulder trend way back to almost 80 years ago, my inner Marlene Deitrich propelled me to sport the shoulders. So I… Read More Sewing a Renfrew Hack: Cold Shoulder Version

Butterick Pattern 6253 – #WIP (groan)

With this project, I’m reaching out to my inner Manuel Pertegaz, via Katherine Tilton’s Butterick pattern. I am loving the A-shapes in clothing now since they accommodate my pear shape. This Butterick pattern designed by Katherine Tilton has a ruffly look without being sickly sweet. This project became another exercise in dealing with fabric shortage. Materials procurement… Read More Butterick Pattern 6253 – #WIP (groan)