How Would You Wear This Wrap, Published in “The Unofficial Downton Abbey Sews”?

Happy Independence Day, America!


Wrap Cover

Page 36 of a special publication by Stitch magazine features my “Out & About Wrap” in all its glory. It is super simple to make, and super chic to wear. It works for 21st century women like us. I want to thank the editors for making it look glorious in the pages of “The Unofficial Downton Abbey Sews” . It is just how I like to wear it in the winter.

 Bonus use

There is another option to wearing the wrap, as mentioned in the accompanying text. It can be worn as a big old scarf around your neck on cold and windy days. The scarf option is not pictured in the magazine, so I am showing you here with my own wrap, the original one. It has been road tested many times in the harsh 2013 winter of Texas.

My globe trotting friend thought it was the ideal thing to have in her air travels.

So I’m asking you, dear readers, how would you wear this tweed wrap?


There are other beautiful items to make in this publication, designed by talented designers, all inspired by a collective obsession with the PBS program Downton Abbey.

Are you ready for the next season? You can watch the new season while making this wrap. Really.

Happy sewing 🙂


PS: Can someone please tell me why the font in WordPress keeps changing on me?



7 thoughts on “How Would You Wear This Wrap, Published in “The Unofficial Downton Abbey Sews”?

  1. Happy 4th of July. Congratulations on having your sophisticated and stylish design published! Do you submit designs often? I don’t remember reading anything about this aspect of your sewing life.


    1. Lisa, thanks!!
      There were a few articles published in the past. I’ve mentioned them in my About page.
      I haven’t submitted too many projects these days, and the few I did got some rejections — which I’m not taking personally at all. It’s what the editors want. They have to fit it into their magazine’s theme and aesthetic.


  2. This is a great layering piece. I think I’ll make it in a tweed also to wear over the new cashmere coat I’m making right after I make my merino wool jacket. I think I found just the fabric at Sawyer Brook Fabrics…road trip!


    1. Janice, those projects sound great! How long between your trip to Sawyer Brooks and the finished jacket, coat and wrap? I will be reminding/badgering you about this. So get sewing!


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