Ten Years of Blogging. Wait, is That an Armani?

Yes, the first post on the Sew EverythingBlog was uploaded in March 2013. Apart from missing a few of my weekly deadlines, and taking short hiatuses (hiati?) I have written a lot, and loved every minute of it. I am so grateful to you all for actually reading it. Even the occasional drivel. I loved it when you engaged a lot with what I had to say. Even when there was no engagement on some posts, I loved writing it. Know what I learned? You responded more when you could see me (not a dress form) wearing my self-made wardrobe pieces. Thank you, my friends.

Dear friends, my last post was uploaded in November, 2022. For perfectly valid reasons, I had to take a hiatus from the blog. Many things happened, including partial knee replacement, from which I am recovering well. However, other stuff kept happening and here we are…. let’s just leave it there.

And, I am back after a long while to writing, to a teeny bit of sewing, and the usual knocking-off (er, being inspired by) very high-end runway looks and bringing them down into the dirt.

So…. I managed to sew up this Armani-inspired look. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? I’ll detail the differences between the Armani and the Samina (chuckle).

1. The Armani is a dressy look, with beautiful textures. The Samina is meant to be a daily wear item made with a knit from my go-to fabric retailer Sew Much Fabric. This may be sold out but look for other fantastically curated fabric selections.

3. Both have a midi length tank dress vibe and similar colors.

4. On close inspection, the Armani “print” is really 3-D embroidered flowers appliquéd onto a sheer (yep, seeing right through it) base fabric! My version is a printed knit.

5. An even closer examination of the image revealed that there’s a pleat sewn down the center front bodice and released at the waist. For ease of movement? I decided to forego the pleat and make a plain tank bodice, saving the pleat idea for a future project.

6. It has pockets!! Of course, I added pockets, too. They ended up a little low, but that’s okay.

7. The pants: I love that the Armani is worn with satiny pants with a loosely gathered hem — similar in look to the Pakistani shalwar or harem pants (still dreaming of Jeannie). They (House of Armani) used a satiny fabric which is jiving well with the dress. I am not seeing my everyday-wear dress with shiny pants. The search for the right fabric is ongoing. What do you suggest? A drapey rayon? On the other hand, why not use a satin like the inspiration pants? Will I be able to wear the outfit to run errands? Until the pants happen, I have donned my go-to loose black ponte pants.

The pattern: I used an old Sewing Workshop pattern (Anne’s Cardigan and Tank) and extended the tank length, moved the armhole closer to the body for a snug fit. Plus, there are no haute couture processes used here. The hem and side slits are just turned up, turned in and machine sewn. Inside edges are all serge-finished. I will wear this a lot this summer, God willing.

Note: there is minimal styling on my part. No jewelry, no fancy shoes, but I do own a navy leather bag (not shown here).

Guys, I hope to upload another post soon but it all depends on other things. I missed you all more than you missed me. That’s a weird thing to say, but I really missed that little interaction between my readers and myself.



12 thoughts on “Ten Years of Blogging. Wait, is That an Armani?

  1. Samina – don’t actually think I have replied before – just wanted to say I do enjoy reading your stories regardless. I guess it does make you wonder if anybody is out there when there is no engagement.

    Anyhow, I do look forward to many more of your blog posts.



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  2. Stamina, I look forward to your posts and have missed them. Your choice of fabric for the long tank is perfect. Looking forward to futures posts.
    Wishing you good health.


  3. Samina, I am guilty of quietly lurking. I really enjoy reading your posts. I’m constantly amazed at the generosity of people like yourself who share your experience and knowledge. Thank you.


  4. How about leggings or cigarette leg pants with your dress – or even better, just bare legs especially since it is a sleeveless dress

    Kathy White


  5. Hi Samina!

    Longtime no ‘see’! Glad to receive your new post AND learn that your knee surgery was successful, and hopefully went very smoothly.

    10 years of blogging: congratulations and thank you for sharing your thoughts and advice all these years!!! It IS a two-way street: writing, communicating, putting your organized thoughts in writing can be a blessing in and of itself. But knowing that someone has read and appreciated what you’ve written IS gratifying!

    Love your flattering floral knit dress: for the pants, a drapey woven rayon, perhaps with elastane, would take well to the elastic hem and a slimmer styling? I am not one to wear pants under long shifts, personally, for style nor comfort reasons, though many cultures employ this in traditional styles.


  6. Samina!! Congratulations!! 10 years is awesome, and thanks for continuing to share with us. This is the best use of this particular knit print that I’ve seen. I love it!


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