The completed bandini kurta. Finally. (Eye roll)….

I bet, dear reader, you’re sick and tired of this particular kurta; so am I, but it’s finished. I just want to wear the darn thing, warts and all—- and I did wear it for a recent event. Yes, there are warts; mainly, the uneven border for which I will be finding solutions. Until I do, I’ll be wearing it as is. Here it is on me. Styling leaves much to be desired, especially the shoes. I was ready to wear a pair of smart black wedges, but the knees (read to the end of the post) rebelled. So, the footwear is a bit humdrum.

Baby sewing steps were instrumental in finishing off this kurta. While inspired by this cutie in some universe, she and I don’t know each other.

This adorable one is in WordPress software’s stock photo collection, and seems ready to start taking the little steps required before learning to running at full speed. I included this stock image as a feel-good, coochie-coo offering.

A book update — again. I told you I am a reader, didn’t I?

The Wedding Dress Sewing Circle: the story, set in London amidst the ongoing world war (WW2), starts off with the said wedding dress being pulled from an attic. I will not spoil it for you, but there are at least three romances in the mix, a London bombing, a couture designer, a village vicarage and some parishioners. The wedding dress makes occasional appearances, but there could be more focus on it (in my non-writer, non-expert opinion).

State of Terror: I totally admire H.C., but she may have done a better job on her own than co-writing with another novelist. Something about this book made me groan — but I still admire H.C.

The Ink Black Heart: by Robert Galbraith aka J.K. Rowling — of Harry Potter fame. This is the sixth in a series of books for grown-ups by the author of Harry Potter; it’s about the adventures of a detective with the melodious name of Cormoran Strike and his business partner, who is a good looking red haired woman; stop jumping to conclusions, y’all. They remain business partners but each book in the series reveals their underlying, unsaid feelings for each other. The main focus is still on crime solving, though. I will shut up here. I would suggest that you read the first one in this series first.

While I typed up this post, my fingers snuck up to Barnes and Noble and bought a digital version of Thread Collectors….

I’ll let you know what sewing shenanigans occur in this book.

The knee: Last but not least, part of my right knee gets replaced by a fake one on December 1. The impending surgery is anxiety inducing, but I’ll get through it. I’ll be discharged the same afternoon/evening. Do we (my sewing peeps) sew up a coordinated hospital stay wardrobe? Or just one new thing to wear when discharged? Nice pajamas? A maxi? Or just wear whatever old clothes at discharge time? Thinking sartorial thoughts is so good for reducing said anxiety….

Until I see you in this very spot soon, have a great Thanksgiving!


6 thoughts on “The completed bandini kurta. Finally. (Eye roll)….

  1. I understand the anxiety, but be assured, you’ll be very pleased when it’s done. I’ve had both done, and it’s so much better. Just be sure to do the physical therapy religiously!


    1. Thank you, Janith! Since I posted this, have 4 more books bought in a mad, unnecessary shopping spree. One fiction, two cookbooks, one Marie Kondo. 😐


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