Reblogging Kasey Sasser’s Excellent Post: How to Incorporate Embroidery into Your Sewing Projects

Embroidery can go anywhere you want! Hello everyone; I was reading over at Samina’s blog and came across a comment on one of her older posts (she had…

How to Incorporate Embroidery into Your Sewing Projects


Hi readers! Today I’m reblogging my friend Kasey’s post where she guides you through placement of machine embroidery on your projects. Click on the link above the line to get yourself to the blog. Be sure to read her other posts; the one on hooping is a must-read. I’m thrilled to see that a reader’s comment on one of my older posts prompted Kasey to share her placement knowledge. She is a machine embroiderer par excellence.

Clarification: the brown on white embroidery shown in the header image is mine — a doily that was kind of a rare success back in 2017.

Enjoy! —— Samina

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