A Touch of Lace

Hello, my people. Im seriously getting into the lace trim area, and hoping to avoid the sickly sweet vibe. If I do, just yell “Stop!”.

Never thought to pair dainty cotton lace with a somewhat robust block print, but it works.

Disparate elements that may not work in tandem when viewed separately, may gel perfectly when brought together. Such was the case with my princess line tunic (not a kurta). The fabric is block printed cotton with touches of metallic gold, and the embroidered lace trim a dainty cotton netting. I would never have put them together until I actually viewed them together. So a band of the dainty lace trim at the hem and at the sleeve hem works for me. Is it because the block print is a small ornate motif? Or is it because the ecru lace trim matches the ecru background of the print? Have fun nerding out on why this is so, and comment below. By the way, everything is from the Stash. The tunic outfit came as a fabric set with the scarf (dupatta) included, along with a plain ecru cotton for the bottom piece, which was too thin and crappy to make a pant. Therefore you’re seeing me here with navy ponte knit pants. I do have plans for an ecru bottom for this but in a much better fabric. You think lace pants might work? Seriously.

Dupatta (scarf) is waaay too long! If I trim it down, where would I cut it? The print placement is so defined and precise, I don’t know where to shorten it.
And, it has pockets.

More lace inspiration:

Seeing that I’m on a lace trim roll, I’m inspired to make the summery project below soon – even though winter is coming. I’m inspired by this striped beauty in Ellen W. Miller’s book Creating Couture Embellisments. See my review of the book here.

Just collecting materials. The stripes go a different way than the inspiration, but that’s okay.

The top will be a refashioned project using my old Liz Claiborne skirt (I grew out of the waistline), plus more stashed dainty cotton lace trim.

Even more lace inspiration from Tory Burch’s 2020 collection with lace hanky vibes and other new runway looks:

Tory Burch, Spring 2020
Not sickly sweet at all! Lace trim use by Giambattista Valli, Spring 2022 RTW. Plus the urban, street vibe of the sunnies and model’s expression cool it down considerably.

Friends, there will be a lot going on in my life in October and November. Since I’m a creature of habit, I’ll try my best to upload a fun blog post each week. However, if I miss one or two, forgive me and go read my earliest posts. It’s interesting to see where I started and how it’s going.

Bye for now, and see you next time!


5 thoughts on “A Touch of Lace

  1. HI Samina! I think the lace trim turned out really well, and the colors look good on you! If your dupatta is too long but you don’t want to cut it, maybe some decorative pin-tucking or flat tucks would help, or some ruching or shirring – I think you’d able to come up with something really cool!

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