Refashioning Videos on YouTube

Being a YouTube rat and an occasional upcycled garment enthusiast, I can’t pass up videos showing garment refashions; I don’t even mind the pesky ads.  Here are some channels I follow on YouTube these days; thanks to YouTube algorithms, more new ones show up in my feed regularly.  Disclaimer: I am not being paid to talk about these channels.

Confessions of a Refashionista

Sheri Pavlovic is Canadian and her channel is Confessions of a Refashionista; she has lived around the world, does a podcast, has a website and blog, has authored books, been featured in print, online etc etc (well, just go read the “press” info on her website) — does that make her a media mogul?  With high energy comedic talents Sheri promotes a sustainable wardrobe-making and lifestyle wherever she can.  Check out this innovative way Sheri transformed a thrifted “housedress” (or caftan) into a rocking jumpsuit with a couple of cuts and three seams. Watch it here. Oh, did I mention she recreates celebrity looks through thrifted items? And nails the look perfectly?


BlueprintDIY – is owned by Angelina.  To promote refashioning and upcycling, Angelina has organized a contest (with top notch prizes) which is ongoing as I write this; it’s called Next Top Upcycler where contestants are challenged to refashion jeans — in a week.  Voting for the winner is on April 24, so I’ll reserve my opinions, but I will say that some contestants still have to learn a lot (I have to admire their spirit) while others managed to create outstanding fashion in the one week time limit. Their process is documented on BlueprintDIY videos until the contest ends.  Here’s a link to the last one I watched. Next Top Upcycler Episode 8

Colleen G Lea FSB TV

Colleen G Lea is English and her elegant refashions are a treat to watch. She takes you through her thought process to get to the fashionable, elegant end result. Here is her latest video. Colleen has been creating high quality educational sewing videos for a very long time. Thanks for the lessons, Colleen!

Self Sewing

Self Sewing: This channel has no spoken words and are thoughtfully done to the universal language of music. The end product is always a surprise to me since I keep second guessing her throughout the video – which is fun in it’s own way. You should also watch this channel for the occasional cameo by the resident kitten. Here’s the last video I watched. Inspiring!

HandyMum Lin

HandiMum Lin TV – is mostly scrap usage, also done to music – small, hand-sewn and very cute items. I have a few of HandiMumLin’s projects on my to-do list.  Also has occasional kitten appearances and flowers — generally a soothing video to watch. This is a recent one.

Sew Daily Network – Style Revive Series of Videos

Sew Daily Network’s Style Revive series:  The people at Golden Peak Media (Sew News magazine) are behind this channel. Meg Healy is the star of the fun Style Revive episodes on this channel, as well as the live fashion sketching episodes. Yes, live. There’s a bunny appearance there somewhere.  Watch the latest Style Revive video .

And, there are many more! I told you I’ve become a YouTube rat….

Be safe and healthy, my friends! See you next week — excuse me while I find old, but perfectly good things in my closet to whack up.


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