Illuminating, Ultimate Pantone 2021 Color(s)

As always, please read through to the end :). Not sure why there seems to be a “meh” response to the Pantone Colors of the Year 2021. I love the yellow and the gray — individually and together. You can see in the image below that I already own both colors and had the eureka moment of putting it all together. Thank you, Pantone. You can read the philosophy and psychology behind these colors, if you care to: Pantone 2021.

Details: you’ve seen the yellow cotton pique tunic before (go here to see it paired with lime green wrap pants); the gray ponte pants are really old; my shoes have a glittery, stretch top; the jacket is an old silk duppioni re-fashion; my earrings are silver, vintage from my youth. Anything from my youth is now considered vintage…..
Oh look! I found a gleaming cardigan and a silk chiffon scarf with a gold thread running through it! More about the scarf in a future post. I am a beacon of bling today….. lol. Note: everything here is sewn by me, of course.

I went on a Pinterest binge to find the yellow-gray combination and found plenty of images for my Pinterest Board: Gray and Yellow Color Combo . Below are a few of the pins. I love to see where the image came from, so if you go to the board, do click on the link for the source of these images. Although, the original source of most images on Pinterest is really a moot point.

Pinned images: are you getting inspired yet? Come on, go look at your closet, fabric stash and home decor. Where can you have fun with these two colors?

Awesome fashion looks!
Top right is an Indian outfit of lehnga (skirt) and choli (cropped blouse) with tons of bling. And— I adore the soothing bedroom is this color combo!!

Here’s a link to a Houston Chronicle article about fabulous, local street art. Local Artistic Endeavors. Just so happened that artist Francesca Fuchs decided that illuminating yellow was a good combo with the gray concrete of highway underpass columns. Thanks to the Chronicle, the artist and the staff photographer for this image — they have no idea I’m using it in a sewing column.

Guys, I keep finding the gray/yellow combo! What can I say, on a recent Lucille Ball sitcom binge on Hulu, here’s what she wore on an episode — vintage inspiration from the 1960s.

A little blurred, but a screen grab is not particularly a photographic achievement. My thanks to the studio and Hulu for use of this picture. again, they have no idea this is ending up on a small sewing blog. Note: Check out the collar detail

Whew! At the end of a doozy of a year, I am looking forward to a happier 2021. Friends, I am wishing you health and happiness. My heartfelt condolences to families of approximately 333,000 departed Americans lost to the virus in 2020. I still cannot get my head wrapped around that catastrophic number.

Take care of yourself and yours. Go sew up a storm.


2 thoughts on “Illuminating, Ultimate Pantone 2021 Color(s)

  1. I really like your first ensemble, Samina, and it looks terrific on you! The silvery grey dupioni adds a just-right zing or bling, the proportions/shapes of the jacket, top and pant look great together and on you. I also like your fun earrings with the jacket and sandal’s metallic. Of course, that grey looks great with your hair color.

    I have black hair (when it is being colored monthly…), so medium gray is not my best color, although I can wear bright, pure yellow well. A lighter gray would contrast better for me than the 2021 gray. Still, I can play with this combo!

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