Sewing Your Entire Closet: The Nitty Gritty #3. Content Management

An important part of creating all your wearables is what I call Closet Content Management.  It requires that you must remove and part with your old clothing in a methodical way.  The clothing may be old and worn, pretty but not your style, or anything that’s just hanging in there and asking to be done something with. It’s all cullable.

Note: make sure you look at “bonus” content at the end of the post, which may have nothing to do with the topic at hand 🙂 .

An exception to the painful culling process may be your “epic garments”.  I didn’t coin the term “epic” as applied to sewing projects that took time, skill and resources to create. It was our friend Sandra Betzina in her early, probably self-published Power Sewing books which I wish I hadn’t given away. Sandra’s personality came through loud and clear in the original books.  Back to your epic garments — save them if you still love them that much.  I have a few “epics” which we’ll visit soon.

Moving on, here are three blouses that I recently put in the donation pile not because I hated them. Two of these just hung out in the closet for a year or more.

The flowered shirt on the left, made with a Today’s Fit Vogue pattern was a Liberty-like cotton which I loved! I adapted the pattern by changing the waist tucks to darts, and added a wide pleated edge to the original elbow length sleeve. Now, the blouse length is shorter than what I’m wearing these days. In the past, this blouse has given me much joy.  The good news is, I had bought a lot of yardage, and still have 3 yards of this silky-smooth flowered cotton.

The blue animal print, in the middle, a crinkly rayon shirt was a joy to wear because the drapey fabric is still beautiful, the pattern is a Sewing Workshop pattern with innovative details like the collar which is folded before attaching – not sewn at the front edges.  The front placket is cut in one with the front piece, and folded back to show a contrasting wrong side (see why I loved this fabric?). Same with the hem and all corners which are mitered. 

The third orange/blue carpet print was a rayon challis; it’s a butterfly top which I wore the heck out of.  It just looks limp and sad after all that use.  

What did I sew recently to make me want to make room in the closet?  Well, this; you saw it in the previous post on a dress form; just wanted to add the picture here to show that clothes look better on a real body.  It is currently in the laundry hamper and promises to be well used. Yay!

End-of-post bonus content: Pantone Colors of 2021

Ultimate: gray. Pantone13-0647 and Illuminating: yellow Pantone 17-5104

Not the current season from the design house of Off-White . Are these designs from Fall 2019 a predictor or coincidence?

I like the Pantone Color (colors) of 2021. Do you? Some people are not so sure, including this fashion writer. What do you think?

Until next time, be sure to see what all is in your closet….


2 thoughts on “Sewing Your Entire Closet: The Nitty Gritty #3. Content Management

  1. Good Morning Samina! I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts these past several weeks. I’ve been house-hunting so your posts are one of the few sewing-flavored infusions I get lately. The hunt is close to over, but the real work for me hasn’t yet begun – moving an entire household! So I look forward to more of your fun and always inspirational posts.

    I’m not too hepped up on the grey/ yellow. My first impression was “really, grey, after the year we’ve had? But at least they’ve got some yellow…” But the more I look at the yellow, the more I think it’s s bit of a sickly shade. I’ve been looking at paint chips lately, and I find myself attracted to the combination of “french country” to periwinkle-ish blue, along with buttery shades of yellow – so those will be my colors for 2020!

    Take care and enjoy your Holidays! – Kasey


    1. Hi Kasey! I love that blue/yellow Provence color vibe! See the walls in my family/living area in the picture? That was the start of my French inspired look — the couches were supposed to be slip-covered in blue — but that never happened yet. The couches pre-date the wall color, so maybe some day. I still have the inspiration magazine page. I will email the picture to you :).
      Thank you so much for reading my posts! Have a great Holiday Season and have fun with the decor selection!


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