Voile Napkins, a Reuse and Recycle Project: Cleansing the Sewing Palate

Hi friends! I completed this long forgotten set of napkins with white lace edgings. Cream, ecru, beige laces would not work for the dainty blue and white print. Thus the mismatched set of edgings because this is all the white laces I had in the stash.

Everything is from stash and re-purposed fabric

Don’t know about you, but I never came across voile napkins for daily use!   I intentionally did not double the fabric for a thicker napkin; let’s see how these thin napkins fare.  Why did I not use them as handkerchiefs? Because I have tons of hankies already, and not enough daily-use napkins.  Plus, I discovered a food stain – yep, this was a wearable which became unwearable due to a food stain that would not come out. So, napkins….. see the connection? Hmmm?

In this image, I’ve turned down the napkin raw edge and turned up the lace edge, so they cover each other’s raw edge for a clean finish.

Each lace was attached a little differently. The eyelet was sewn on as in the image above.

The ric-rac and flower edging were stitched on top of the napkin edge; and the tiny tatted edging was sewn with it’s straight edge on the wrong side of the napkin so that the “picots” peek out from behind. All of them attached with a zig-zag stitch. Notice that some napkin edges were already sewn from it’s life as a garment, and I used those pre-finished edges to my advantage.

Small pieces of leftover edgings will be saved for other uses!

To complete the no-waste vibes of this project, what will I do with the tiny scraps of lace leftover from edging the napkins?  Why, use the bits to sew into waistbands to indicate the back, of course.  Done. This was fun!

Inside back of pant waistband. See what I did here?

Type in one of the following in the search box (top of the page), hit Enter and you’ll find more quick, happy sewing stuff, palate cleansing stuff to sew. 

“Cleansing the Sewing Palate” , “Little Happy Stuff” or “Sewing Palate”.

Have a good and safe summer! See you next time.


9 thoughts on “Voile Napkins, a Reuse and Recycle Project: Cleansing the Sewing Palate

  1. Good morning Samina! I love your voile napkins and how you made them “mix’n’match” using different trims. I really enjoy table linens myself, and have quite a collection from older family and thrift stores. My collection includes traditional linens and cottons of course, but also a lovely tea set made of organza with cotton trim for the Madeira shadow work (I’ll have to find them and get a photo posted to my site.) Even the matching table cloth is organza, so I think your voile napkins are much more practical! They’ll be fine, as long as you enjoy them.
    You’re right too, about “cleansing the palette”, we all need quick projects that we can complete on the fly; they’re a good break from our more consuming projects, and so very satifying.


    1. Thank you, Kasey! Thanks, also, for reminding of the little used “tea set”. Growing up, tea with family and friends was a frequent occurrence in my parents’ home; and ‘tea set” linen was what everyone used. Your organza set sounds beautiful — will eagerly wait for you to post it. And it reminds me to dig into some old and new (but old looking) linen I have.


  2. I love your mix and match, Samina: very perky to use a variety of trims, and for everyday, why should they match, anyway! The daisy trim makes me smile!


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