Mask Couture (Micro Post #4)

The featured image in the header is from Martin Margiela’s 2013 couture collection! Shown on .

Yes, we’re going there again. Let’s go back to protective cloth masks today in a light-hearted way. Disclaimer: They’re not “protective” for the wearer but somewhat protective to the human standing close to the wearer — distance yourself, please.  See why mask wearing is now public service? 

While the underlying cause of all the creativity is terrifying, let’s move to the light-hearted part of mask-making.  Give creative types a chance and they’ll explode the repetitive task of mask making into the sky!

Here are some images I came across online. I created a Pinterest Board just for masks, which you can check out to enjoy extreme creativity.

Two “confections” Found on Claire Shaeffer’s Facebook page Sewfari Divas — creator unknown:

Haute Couture from 2013: Martin Margiela Couture: Full coverage. Margiela portending things to come seven years hence?

Pinterest. Martin Margiela 2013

Label Conscious: Chanel print version sold by Jaesyn Burke


The Joker!? This one is sold on Etsy by madebyjulianne, and it’s sold out.

Etsy Joker mask

Kiddy mask! Adorable. Found on Pinterest, source unknown.


Mask maker David Wells shared his pattern and completed mask (looks like silky brocade to me) on Claire Shaeffer’s Facebook page called Sewfari Divas (closed group).


My humdrum creations, including the black “plague doctor” mask. 


Stay safe, friends! My heartfelt condolences to those who have lost loved ones to the corona virus.



3 thoughts on “Mask Couture (Micro Post #4)

    1. Not sure about that myself. The mask is probably very transparent material like netting or something; maybe the embellishment is placed strategically around the eyes and nose or mouth so that she can breathe and see without it being obvious to the viewer. We can only guess…. 😀

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