I Signed Up to Teach…. (Micro Post #3)

….at the American Sewing Guild’s 2020 Conference in San Antonio, scheduled for July 9 – 12, 2020.     ASGConf20_logo-300x200

The conference brochure is not live yet due to coronavirus concerns, obviously.  If you are an ASG member, you should have received an update about the conference in the ASG members-only online Notions newsletter.

In their words:  “For more than a year we have been busy preparing for our 2020 conference in San Antonio and we are eagerly awaiting the word that we’ll be able to hold the event as planned. For now, the decision is out of our hands as we await the latest word from the hotel and the medical communities.”

If you are not an ASG member, WHY NOT? Check out everything about it and join! The benefits are many.

The Annual Conference is open to members and non-members, but registration is more economical if you become a member.

Full disclosure: I’m a former staff member at the ASG’s National Headquarters (the administrative office which administers the business of the guild) when it was set up in Houston in 2001 and stayed on the job until January 2013.

Stay healthy, my friends!


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