Sewing Plackets Can be so Hit or Miss

Micro post #2.   300 words.

I’ve sewn many traditional shirt-sleeve plackets, neck plackets that neatly (or messily) end in a pointed end or a square end with diagonal stitching lines sewn in an X.   A placket is still my least favorite thing to sew.   This one (below) was not a miss, but not a hit either. 

You can see that buttonholes were the original plan, but they went awry.  I had to remove the buttonhole stitches and use hooks and eyes. The little star buttons were added on top.
Hooks and eyes close the placket. Messy, messy.

I made the pictured neckline placket without aids and flew on my own (after which it seemed like a good idea to order the plastic template seen below.)

I like the information marked on the template. There’s all the information one would need to sew in a placket.
StitchBuzz (the company) is selling a plastic template for perennially-placket-challenged sewers; I ordered the one above and am ready to use it. I think this will be a favorite notion in my toolbox. I’ll report back. Disclosure: no business affiliation with Stitch Buzz.

Of course, if you’re using a commercial sewing pattern with a placket in the design, you’ll have a pattern piece enclosed.  Then there are books such as David Coffin’s Shirt Making book with a placket diagram and thorough instructions for making a placket.

While I love the look of a traditional placket, and despite the aids available, it is still a  fiddly sewing process.  I don’t want to eliminate the traditional placket into oblivion, but my mind is churning to find an easier and quicker method.  It’ll come to me one of these days. Wait, I think I’ve got it. No wait……

(to be continued sometime in the future).

Meanwhile, please stay healthy.



One thought on “Sewing Plackets Can be so Hit or Miss

  1. My only piece of advice is to make the top flap that comes over Just A Teeny Bit Wider than the part it’s covering. Sort of a ‘turn of cloth’ allowance, more of a “it’s gonna fit over the bottom one cause it’s got a little extra to do it”. Like a 1/16th or so.


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