Its True. I Actually Wear What I Make (Micro Post)

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You are reading these words on WordPress, the blogging platform I use.  WordPress is like the Disneyland of the blogging world – the experts are “Happiness Engineers”. The HEs just advised their WordPress users to consider creating “micro” content (under 1000 words) as an option because it might hold the readers’ interest better than a long post (1K words or more), although I think some long posts go to high places in holding attention.  My posts on the longest side have been 550 to 600 words and I thought they were long! Well, I am taking their advice  and creating micro posts for a while.


Let’s start with this one: I’m finally wearing the plaid jacket with a Schiaparelli pocket

Plaid coat
Just noticed the wider sleeve cuffs on my sleeves 

There has been some information shared about this plaid coat in past posts, dear readers; but today you get to see me in the coat!  Believe me, I do wear everything I sew for myself.   About the photo, as is my habit, I try to identify with the pattern envelope model (sigh) to no avail, of course. But here we are. In short, I adore this jacket! It’s Vogue Pattern 1598, designed by Sandra Betzina for Vogue’s Today’s Fit line.

This is not me

Have a safe and happy spring!  Now go wash your hands… seriously.


8 thoughts on “Its True. I Actually Wear What I Make (Micro Post)

  1. I love this so much had to go get the pattern (amazed I didn’t already have it). Thanks for the inspiration! The plaid is from my stash and so excited to make.


    1. Make it! You’ll probably get more use out of your jacket since you live in cold climes. Now I have to put mine away until December of January.


  2. Samina,

    You look BETTER than the model in your coat!!! And your take on the coat is more exciting than the sample (red binding and Schiaparelli pocket), so feel great in it!


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