Hidden Stuff on the Sewing Bookshelf

I almost changed the title of this post to “Saloon Girl Sachet”……….

Hi people!  Sometimes – no, all the time – looking into the long neglected, dark recesses of your book stash can yield a surprise.  I did that recently and found this old book: Sensational Sachets by Stephanie Valley, published by Sterling Books in 1997. You can still find it on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay – even Barns and Noble where it was listed for just $1.99 (no affiliation). But then the shipping is additional.

It’s full of small and tastefully made sachets, whereas mine is a gaudy, tasteless saloon-girl of a sachet. (refer to old TV westerns which I love).


The front and back of the book.

Mainly, the contents are easy-to-make, pure eye-candy sachets.  I’d call it a perfect quick-gift-making book; who doesn’t like to receive pretty potpourri-filled sachets?  They’re  great “palate cleansing” sewing projects, a good break from tailored wardrobe sewing.  They are also artful use of what scrappy stuff you have on hand.

The author’s hanging sachet — tasteful bling

Here’s my attempt at making this particular hanging sachet (above) — with materials I had on hand, thus avoiding a trip to the store, except for the potpourri.  It yielded a gaudy-but-cute hanging sachet.

Hanging loop’s hiding inside…..

What I used:  pleated polyester scrap (instead of pleated silk organza), a fusible metallic gold braid, a braid created on a serger with red embroidery ribbon and stored on a cardboard tube all this time;  newly purchased bag of potpourri.

I’m assuming that the instructions are intellectual property, so I will not write them down here, but if you look closely, it is easier to make than pie.  However, I can list the things I did differently from the book instructions, and here they are:

  • On the 11 inch square of pleated fabric, I ran a zig-zag stitch in gold thread 1/4 inch away from the top and bottom ends – this polyester does not fray, so I could have skipped that.
  • I fused the gold trim in the center, horizontally – I have no idea where I got the fusible trim; that’s the beauty of a long stored stash, everything seems new.
  • Make a tube by sewing the sides in a 1/2 inch seam, with the gold trim running horizontally.
make a tube after applying the center braid
  • Make a 5 inch loop with the serger/ribbon braid and sew down the ends to the seam on the inside about 3 inches down.
  • Then I used my serger/ribbon braid to tightly gather and tie it about 2.5 inches from the top, enclosing the loop ends inside.
  • Fill the center with potpourri, enough to make a tight ball. Fill up to 2.5 inches from the bottom edge.
  • Gather the bottom edge tightly with the serger/ribbon braid and knot.  I dotted some “Fray Check” on the knots on both top and bottom ties for a secure knot.
The loop is hanging on the hanger hook. 

And, we’re done.  I skipped the tassels and beads, though.  Maybe on the next one, but my closet smells heavenly.

Happy Sewing Month! Go sew up a hurricane. Sincere apologies and good thoughts to people suffering  in the Bahamas. Here are ways you can help via NYT article.  A year ago my city was in the same boat.


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