Just Another Daily Wardrobe Piece

Hello, people of the sewing community!  I write my usual weekly post with the intention of  including a sewing lesson/tutorial for beginners, a sewing question for the experienced seamstresses, spew some sewing philosophy, or some snark at Fashion Weeks’ design and execution aesthetics.  Not today.

Today, I’ll share with you the latest summer wardrobe addition (who am I kidding, its almost always summer in Texas).  That’s it.  I’ll spare you the tutorials, deep thoughts and snark.


The second tied knot sits quite high on me, in a safe area.


Oscar de la Renta’s long tunic with the asymmetrically tied neckline, mentioned in a previous post.


Simplicity 4528, which is out of print, and my copy is getting flimsier with each use. Since I’ve used it 10 times already is it time to trace it on to heavier paper? Back it with fusible pellon? What do you suggest? Are you tired of viewing this pattern image on my blog? Its my TNT, y’all.

Simplicity pattern
Hacked View A for my tenth version of this pattern.


Cotton lawn from Sew Much Fabric!IMG_8209 The lawn is extremely soft and silky to touch and it’s 100% cotton.  Great option for Texas summers. The colors in the print are coordinating with the rest of my Spring 2019 Plan –now called Spring and Summer 2019 Plan.

Some details:  This is really a pattern “hack”.  The entire front is cut twice, overlapped with the tied opening on my left side.  The neckline is shaped differently to emulate the inspiration piece (you can see it in this previous post).  My plan was to add pockets, but the tunic isn’t long enough.  Maybe the 11th version will have pockets.

Where Will I Wear it:  Everywhere I go.

I’m going to end the post here. Keep cool, keep hydrated and have a great summer!



4 thoughts on “Just Another Daily Wardrobe Piece

  1. The more I look at this blouse, the more I adore it. My buttonhole difficulties could be ignored with this, and the overlap and assymetry is clever and handsome.

    I do not get tired of seeing other folks’ TNTs. They are all different. Mine is a fake wrap front blouse, nothing special but it fits me perfectly through the bust and arms and shoulders and the sleeves are just the right height and….. you know what I mean. IT WORKS. So yes, you must trace it off, or start cruising for another copy (may I suggest Lanetz Living on Etsy? She’s got tons of similar and good prices and ships quick.)
    Love it.


  2. Beautiful and inventive variation of a pattern and recreation from a detail you smartly noticed in the de la Renta piece! And I love the print too!
    You can use swedish tracing paper to copy your pattern, or even construction paper if you want to hang it and not fold it.


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