The Shirt Making Continues: Blue Lagoon

Everyone names their clothing, right?  Last week was the “Sheet”(dress, that is).  Here is my Blue Lagoon. Heh.


Inspiration: Rebecca Minkoff cotton poplin shirt

This is the latest iteration of the button down, but a bit longer, sleeveless and with a side flare. The inspiration was a Rebecca Minkoff version of a shirtdress, and the sewing stars seem to have aligned.  I am thrilled because the inspiration, the fabric and the intention has been hoarded in the fabric closet and the “intention closet” for years.


Did I say this was a continuation of the Mood Board Plan? The red knit and the blue silk is done. Gee, I wonder what I’ll sew next on the plan….

The fabric has been in my stash for almost two decades! The seller (who closed up shop a long time ago) informed me that it was silk broadcloth. Well, ok. I bought five yards because the fabric was just 32 inches wide.  If you ever come across silk broadcloth, let me know because I want to buy more – it is beautifully drapey, easy to sew and press and looks great in general.  Being silk, you just have to watch for water spots from spitty irons.


Pattern: McCalls 7470 is a new to me pattern (remember the “sheet” dress?) and I really like it because of the vertical princess seams and therefore, many opportunities for a good fit.  I used a tunic length version of sleeveless View D; because I live in the hotter than hell South.


Pattern hack (one of them):  To emulate the inspiration shirt by Rebecca Minkoff, I swung out the side seams, starting a few inches below the armhole. That gave it a side flare – and I love flared things.  There were other minor changes I made which I’ll list in an upcoming post.


Interfacing:  I used Light and Stable, available from Islander Sewing Systems,  which is a great product, but too light weight for this project.  To add some beef to the collar, I interfaced the upper AND lower collar pieces, as well as upper and lower collar stands. Usually, just one collar piece is interfaced, but Light and Stable was not hefty enough for a crisp collar – and I was not okay with a limp collar. That said, this is a fabulous interfacing! I will use it often where appropriate.


Buttons from stash: I think there will have to be a change of buttons. In spite of the cuteness and perfect color match, they’re not entirely suitable.

Well, there are more things I did with this shirt, made an error or two, and will detail those in another post with fun “tips”. So, watch out for it.

Meanwhile, excuse me while I go road-test the Blue Lagoon.



7 thoughts on “The Shirt Making Continues: Blue Lagoon

    1. Thanks, Linda! Hopefully I’ll make more knock offs before December — that’s the plan. 😀 About the buttons, even though they’re the perfect color, I think it’s the shape that prevents them from laying down flatly, plus the front band is only 1 inch wide.

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  1. I love what you’ve done with the pattern to make this shirt! The butterfly buttons are such a pretty addition. You’ve convinced me to get the pattern and make several of these. I live in NC and it seems like every year summer comes earlier and brings more humidity with it. Making the shirt sleeveless with the added flare will make it a go-to for me. I look forward to your next posts! Thank you for sharing this.


    1. Thank you, Rebecca! I see this shirt in constant rotation this summer. Will definitely be making more. It’s one of those patterns which I almost did not buy, but now it’s a current favorite.


  2. Very pretty! I love everything about it, the buttons and that its sleeveless.
    I love this style, but I just don’t wear clothes this tailored! ;o) I wish one of my adult daughters wanted a dress like this just so I could make one!


    1. Thank you! I don’t wear too-tailored clothes either anymore. They don’t suit my current life. But flaring out the shape brought it into the untailored and comfortable category — except for the collar, which is actually softer to wear than it looks.


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