Random Sewing Stuff in Lieu of a Proper Sewing Post

I die a little when a blog post is missed because I’m a creature of habit where this blog is concerned.  Being disorganized with the editorial calendar lately has resulted in no interesting sewing stuff to share with you, unless you want to see a couple of miscellaneous works in progress — nothing earthshaking, but ordinary stuff I make to keep myself clothed. Here they are:

Random Project 1:  Alteration.


The overlapped-and-tied front, a.k.a angarkha-front-neckline (south Asian wording), a.k.a ….. double breasted?  Fired up by an Oscar de la Renta outfit (below and in my last post), I dug up this silvery kurta with a double layer, overlapped front with tied cording closures. It has been in my closet for a very long time. It belongs to daughter #2 who obviously forgot about it, and its languishing here. It doesn’t fit anyone anymore but I peeked in and found very wide seam allowances; you know what that means – I’m having a go at releasing those allowances so that the cords can tie up closer together. Heh. Will let you know how it turned out, plus some more historic info on the overlapped neckline in a future  post.

_LLL0801 Detail

Well, you might as well know – I’m trying to copy the yellow/white striped Oscar outfit.  More on that in another post.

Random Project 2:  Fall sewing.


They’re saying autumn is here. Which means creating stuff in Fall colors, whether it’s 91 degrees outside or not.  Here’s something I’m working on; the pattern is from 1996!!  I knew there was a reason I saved this pattern. The coordinating fabric pieces are a gift from a dear college buddy.   I shall elaborate on this some more after completion.

Well, is this better than not posting at all?  A completed and uploaded blog post is akin to hanging a just-finished garment in the closet; there’s a feeling of happy calm and lightness of being. As if everything is all right with the world; the psychological benefits of sewing are real.

Well, see you next week.


10 thoughts on “Random Sewing Stuff in Lieu of a Proper Sewing Post

    1. Hi, Als! There’s lots of basic sewing material out there. I’ll find you a link. Maybe you’re right — I should do a basics post more often.
      I’ve never done slipcovers — I should begin a slipcover project, where everyone can follow my progress in learning that. Now to find something I want to slipcover. Remember that old blue/white striped chair? That one was a candidate for slipcovering but I discarded it instead.


  1. Lovely floral fabric, I am anxious to see your finished dress. Your blog has inspired me to do my own Sewing With A Purpose project. But I’m calling it SWAT, Sewing With A Theme, building a grouping around denim. I need more tops to go with my jeans and a denim jacket. Maybe I’ll sew my own pair of jeans as well. Sew on and Keep Calm !


    1. Thank you, Maryanne! I’m close to finishing the floral tunic and coordinating pants. SWAT is such a clever idea; I’m inspired to do a SWAT myself. Hmmm, can’t stop thinking about it now.


  2. Your floral fabric is super! I’m looking forward to seeing your version of the Oscar de la Renta, and I’m storing that neckline tie idea for future reference, so thanks for this post.


  3. I get “bent out of shape” if I can’t sew, then after that I get upset because I can’t blog about it! I’ve had a busy week too and next one looks even busier. We shall see how that goes. I love the Oscar de la Renta – good luck copying it with your daughter’s kurta. That fabric with the purple print is FABULOUS!!!!


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