Mini S.W.A.P.: All Together Now

Hi guys! I love my SWAP items!! Do u?

Before you get nauseated with yet another SWAP (Sewing With A Plan) post, let me explain.  I wanted you to see all SWAP items together, in one post.  Thanks to my son-in-law Brian for formatting the photos! Don’t the garments look much better without all the background clutter?

Mum Jacket
Minoru jacket/anorak
Ponte knit pants
tunic copy
Tunic with embroidered applique
Finished copy
Cowl-necked tunic, 2015

The common denominator in this group is the color spruce green.  it includes pants, embroidery appliqued tunic and the jacket/anorak.  If you missed the geeky nitty gritty details on each one, just click on each link.  I never got around to making something with that little piece of panne velvet designated the bonus piece; it was replaced with a coordinating tunic, sewn up back in 2015.  It’s a much loved, much used and self-sewn item with the most awesome print, based on a Picasso painting.

A bit more about the jacket:  I was putting finishing touches on the Minoru jacket when the sartorial storm caused by the First Lady’s Zara jacket erupted.  I’ll refrain from comment here, except I made my parka before the Zara version made national news, and now I’m tempted to put some words on the back.  Eh, maybe not.  I adore this jacket. As I said in the previous post, this went from love to hate to love again.  I’m so glad I did not abandon the project.

I’ll give you a peek inside, too where you can see the inner pockets (too small, in my opinion) and the two different lining colors. Heh – made use of some old lining rayons in the stash.  And, check it out! The hood is housed inside the high collar and emerges when the collar is unzipped.

inside out
Inside out! Eh, no room for the phone in inner pockets. 
hood back
Le hood!!  It has emerged from the high collar…

The beginning:  fabric pile done

All together now….


Hey y’all, have a great summer. I’m so thrilled with this SWAP set that I’m all over my next sewing project. Details soon.


3 thoughts on “Mini S.W.A.P.: All Together Now

  1. These are beautiful, colorful pieces! I especially love the tunic with the applique.
    I really did not care for the first lady’s jacket fashion statement. What would be your statement? I sew, do u?


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