Mini S.W.A.P., Spring 2018. Sewing With a Plan

Dear friends,

Planned wardrobe sewing, or “Sewing With a Plan” is what I aspire to, but have had little success; because I’m easily distracted, and my attention is diverted to other projects.  I’m trying again, this spring (oops, it’ll be summer by the time the SWAP set is ready), to sew with a pre-planned set of patterns and fabrics.  A set of just three pieces, a mini SWAP.

This is my second mini SWAP. The first one was executed back in 2017 (you can read about it here, here and here), and also included three coordinating pieces.  The 2018 SWAP is a different color and style story, with some things that remain the same:

Things that remain the same:    a) I’m repeating the same pants pattern. What can I say, I am married to Vogue 1411.    b) One of the fabrics is a left over piece from the first mini SWAP; the pattern will be a different one, though, because the piece in the first SWAP was a failure.

Materials for SWAP, Spring 2018:   The colors are hunter green and creamy white; a bit of shocking pink and slivers of yellow and silver brought in by the “applique” piece and the small piece of panne velvet.

fabric pile

From the top:

  1. A cottony/nylon type water resistance material will become a Minoru jacket pattern from Sewaholic Patterns, a Canadian company. This is an untested (by me) and a long hoarded pattern, and I’m hoping for a successful outcome. The jacket style is more casual than the other two items, but so what.
Hunter green outerwear jacket. The Minoru

2. The embroidered neckline applique is a traditional piece from Pakistan. These are commonly sold there, and each one is as beautifully hand made as the next one. Where will this be applied?  On the drapey, creamy rayon jacquard which will become the tunic from Simplicity 4528. I’m not sure if this one is available anymore.  Here’s an image of the applique about which I will write more as I’m sewing the tunic.

Simplicity pattern
Creamy white rayon tunic. Which one should I use? I’ve made all versions but View A has been sewn the most.
applied neck
The neck applique. Hey, it has sleeve bands, too.

3. Next one down is the panne velvet! This is also a small piece and I hope to incorporate it somewhere as an accent — just don’t know where, yet. Maybe add a small bag to the SWAP? What are your thoughts?

4. At the bottom of the pile, but the first one to be sewn is the hunter green ponte knit. You’ve probably guessed what that hunk of ponte will become.  Yep, Vogue 1411 .


Can you picture the three items together?  I have other garments which will coordinate with these three things, so this mini SWAP group is not an eco-system by itself.   For an occasion to wear these things, I’m going on a trip this summer – a family event.  Wish me luck, dear readers. I hope to get through this SWAP without any sewing mishaps.





5 thoughts on “Mini S.W.A.P., Spring 2018. Sewing With a Plan

  1. Ambitious plans! I look forward to seeing the jacket – will it be lined? I have an old pair of cotton/nylon cargo shorts and I love the fabric. I recognize the tunic and pants patterns. I like view D on the tunic. It will be amazing with the colorful applique.


  2. I’ve made the Minoru twice. The only thing I changed on the second version was the sleeve cuff which I made ‘grown on’ rather than a separate piece which was seamed. I think that gave a much neater finish. The collar is quite open so you might find you need a scarf/cowl with it on very cool days.
    Great SWAP.


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