2018: Epic Sewing Projects

Mighty title there …..

Happy New Year, friends!  I first encountered the term “epic” applied to sewing projects in a book by Sandra Betzina.  In the first edition of “Power Sewing” (1990s), she referred to some of her sewn garments as “epic”. Those particular projects took time, effort, the best materials, and utmost skill.  I think you get the picture.

Making an epic item or two is included in my plan for 2018 sewing activities. Note that I did not use the word “resolution” (eye roll).  So, here’s my list:

  1. A French, tweedy, trimmed jacket, in the style of the classic Chanel is the most epic of all. How much will I get to wear it, though? I’m not sure but I’ve never made this kind of jacket, where the lining is quilted to the tweed. Dorcas of the Instagram account @lonestarcouture makes one every January, and has invited her followers to join in.  Why thank you, Dorcas, I think I might.  Its only fitting that I include an image of Mademoiselle Chanel, designer of the original French jacket, wearing her signature piece.

    This is half of the original photograph. Mademoiselle is facing a group of models. The image is from the book “Chanel” by Francois Baudot. The 1965 photo is credited to Hatami, copyright owned by Chanel.
  2. A dressy, blingy kurta set! We of South Asian descent, are nothing without shine and glitter. We own it, and wear the bling to perfection.

    blingy shalwar suit
    I found this image from Pinterest. The retailer who owns this, actually sells the outfits, if you’re interested.  No affiliation, but here it is.
  3. Learn techniques to add delicious details to clothing.
    • The aptly named “sharks teeth” is a detail I’d like to learn. Sue Stewart (Sue Pennington), heirloom sewing expert, coined that term. I’ll have a post about “sharks teeth” sometime in the foreseeable future.   (I finally get to use that term — “foreseeable future”.)

      Sharks Teeth by Sue Pennington
      Thanks to Sue for letting me use this image of her linen jacket with exquisite detail
  • “Boutis Provencal” is another detail I want to learn. It’s origins lie in old French handwork. I’ll explain in the relevant future post, after trying my hand at it.boutis

In the interest of not getting carried away with sewing plans, I will end the list here.  Of course, there are the usual things in the sewing pipeline, such as replenishing my wardrobe.  I do have to clothe myself, you know.

My dearest friends, I wish you a peaceful, happy and healthy 2018. I hope you get to sew a lot this year.



5 thoughts on “2018: Epic Sewing Projects

  1. Love your projects.
    I have LOVED Indian clothing since the 70’s. (In high school) You could buy it at many places back then. Beautiful! I had lots of dresses and skirts!
    My new project for 2018 is Sashiko! I am fascinated with it. And I so love hand sewing, or would they be needle crafts? I have no vision for cross stitch. But I do a lot of embroidery and “crazy” stitches on quilt tops. I know the sewing machine is faster, but I really enjoy hand sewing! The Boutis Provencal looks very interesting to me!


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