I Am Shook


The original title of this post was going to be “What I Wore to Hurrican Harvey” – well, never mind about that now.  Events in the past couple of weeks have given me a case of emotional whiplash.   After the wondrous solar eclipse, my city was hit by a hurricane of historic proportions, and flooding of unimaginable magnitude; it caused devastation; and it caused death; and it’s not over.  This apocalyptic language is not an exaggeration; one had to live here to actually see it and feel it.  I feel gratitude for being spared the worst, but I bleed inwardly for those bearing the brunt of Harvey the Hurricane. S, I am so shook that you’ll find this post a little rambling. Sorry, I missed posting last Tuesday.

I learned that you can prepare only so much for such an event; and Harvey was an unknown before it hit the Texas coast. Dangerous unknowns remained aftrewards, and became obvious in a couple of days.  As the aftermath unfolds, the devastation increased exponentially. I have never seen flooding of this kind – ever.   My friend, Judy, lost her home and stayed with me for a few days into the Harvey aftermath.

Let’s move to the comforting part of this post. Since we were relegated to staying home, sewing was on my agenda. It always is.

The Harvey Bias Tube Pajamas 

Harvey pajamas

I started with cotton fabric bias “tubes” which have inhabited my stash for many years. Let me start by saying what my fabric tubes are not; they’re not the thin bias tubes used for spaghetti straps; they are not the tube you create when you’re making bias strips (for binding). Know what I mean? Here, I’m referring to a large fabric tube, large enough to cut an adult garment out of.  There’s a way of making those, and wait for it, here comes the brag. I wrote about the technique in Threads, issue #107, back in 2003.   Well, pictured here are pajama pants made with the fabric tubes I made to demonstrate that technique to sewing groups. Finally, those tubes of cotton fabric got made into something. What do you think of the prints? I love both the bandana and the “buildings” prints; pajamas should be fun.

Teacup pjs
Pattern: Kwik Sew 3553

Oh wait…. I’ve cut out a third pair of pajama bottoms in a teacup print. Everyone knows about my tea habit. This pair, though, is going overseas to the UK.

Judy’s Spanish Tortilla

Spanish tortilla

While she was here, my friend Judy cooked up some delicious food.  (Psst – the Spanish tortilla is really an omelette with onions and potatoes. Ultimate comfort food.)

What’s next on my sewing list

Brian's shirt

I’m attempting to sew a shirt for my son-in-law. I have a lot of sewing under my belt, but never a man’s shirt.  How hard can it be, right?

At this time, my daughter and I are gathering things for displaced families who are in need. Local churches and mosques are collecting donations of the usual items – non-perishable food, toiletries, new towels, new socks, new undies.  No clothing items at this time.

Houston is abuzz with people helping people, including organized groups of young people offering free cleaning services to those whose houses need it. Yep, it’s the young who usually come through when times are tough. I am so proud that I want to cry.

I’m sorry for this rambling post. It’s hard to get my thoughts together.


11 thoughts on “ I Am Shook

  1. Thanks for the positive insight into the youth of Houston. It speaks volumes. Hoping every day is bring more relief from the devastation.

    I found your wonderful article in Threads and it is going to be the perfect method for some flannel I purchased last year (yes, fall is coming). I’m making men’s shirts for Christmas this year in a beautiful light-weight wool.

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  2. I’m thankful that you are ok. Like everyone in Europe we have been following the news reports, such a terrible storm and so much courage and compassion in the midst of it. I hope the government doesn’t bottle out of providing the follow up assistance this time. I love the prints, thank heavens for fabric eh?

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  3. I am so glad that you are doing okay. There are so many that I know that have not been so fortunate, sadly. Please continue keeping that positive attitude and making the most of such a tragedy. Lots of love from all of us!

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  4. Samina, we have friends in your area who have lost their homes entirely, so we are aghast and stunned by the power of Harvey. We are also completely taken aback by the ferocity of the firestorms now going on in the West/Northwest/Canada and we have been experiencing personally while on our trip them for the past weeks.
    Thank goodness for those who are in positions to help those in need.
    Please stay safe everyone. Our prayers go with you all.

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  5. Samina, I’m so very happy to hear you came through this storm ok and you were able to help a friend! I have 5 additional people in my home as we were blessed and didn’t suffer any damage.

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  6. I’m relieved you and your home made it through.. It was horrifying seeing people trapped and the waters rising and the rain kept on coming. It’s inspiring to read about and see the individuals and organizations that pulled together to give help and comfort where it is needed. Bless you and your daughter for helping in the ways you are doing.
    Life can be unpredictable and how do you deal with it? You sew. I love the teacup fabric – so cute. Re the shirt: attempting? No time for self-doubt. Concentrating on getting the details right will be a good distraction from all the bad news.

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