Never-Enough-Butterflies Top

Hello, friends!  I’m back from my blogging hiatus, and  sharing this loud but happy top with you today.


As a rule, I don’t participate in online sew-alongs and challenges, mainly because I can’t seem to sew fast enough to keep up with other participants; but this time I did. The Tops That Pop sew-along was headed by Linda Faye Lewis of the Faye’s Sewing Adventures blog for the last two weeks of April.  She has a Pinterest page dedicated to the Top sew-along where you can see all entries from the wonderful sewing enthusiasts who participated.

Well, April is earth month; and I gear my sewing activities to re-fashioning, upcycling and such. For the sew-along I decided to refashion my self-made (circa 2000 or so) bias dress, plus a leftover scrap of watermelon linen from a previous project, plus a much-hacked Colette Pattern; with some machine embroidered frenzy thrown in.

The pattern: I made the Sencha Blouse by Colette Patterns per instructions just once after I bought it. After that, this has been a prime candidate for changing around (hacking); out of the five times that I’ve use a hacked version, two have a contrast yoke (including this one), and three hacks with a shoulder seam and neckline re-design.

The “before” dress


Original dress:  Just a note to say that the bias method is the same as written in my 2003 article for Threads magazine. Here I go, bragging again. Issue #107, if you subscribe.  The lower part of the dress was good for the bottom of the tunic; the hem was already done. I could have used the already-sewn side seams for the top, but had to open them up for proper laying out of the pattern. The side slit already there was also something I left in place.

The “scrap” 

Big Scrap

The scrap:  Leftover from a linen drape-front jacket, the piece was just enough for the yoke. But wait, the top was starting to look like a large blob of bright fabric…..

The machine embroidery 


The embroidery:  …. but machine embroidery came to the rescue. The only thing is, one, two or three butterflies just don’t cut it. So, in an embroidery stupor, I kept adding butterflies to the yoke.   Think of it this way –  it’s best to go big on embroidered butterflies;  what’s the point, otherwise?



Back yoke

Note the butterfly (or moth?) button :). It’s good to have a button stash.


What’s left over

Just enough for a bright linen pillow.


So glad to be back writing posts for you.


8 thoughts on “Never-Enough-Butterflies Top

  1. didn’t know you had an embroidery machine. Kinda gave up on learning how to use mine………..
    did I ever tell you I got a butterfly tattoo on 50th…? Wanted to ‘mark the time’… maybe it should have been a clock now that I think of it.
    and yes, nice top. Pink is your color.


    1. I’ve had the embroidery machine for many years now. It’s one of the earliest ones by Brother, where you can only use built in designs or a memory card. Hope to use it more.


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