Sari Blouse: Final Notes

Hi guys! Today I’ll share images of my finished blouse (with as few words as I can). I’m sorry, I’m taking back the “finished” part. The front is still pinned together and I have to attached hooks and eyes. It will be done.

 Notice how the sleeves are standing on their own? The brocade has a lot of body and I should have used a softer fabric, but I had to choose between the perfect color choice and fabric weight. I went for the color.

Here’s the thing about a sari blouse – most of the wearer’s left is covered by the sari drape in the front. So that leaves the back for design opportunity.  The back of the inspiration blouse has additional features which I avoided due to lack of time.  Such as, the covered buttons; I think that is a fake closure, and it’s beautiful; but I had to let it go.

The inspiration blouse back is pretty low. I lowered the back and front as much as appropriate, but couldn’t make it any lower. I’m learning not to identify with the models.

The piping on my blouse needs improvement, but I think I’m looking too closely. Sometimes, we’re the harshest critics of our work.

There’s the cord on the upper back – which is the piece de resistance (French speakers, please correct my spelling) on this blouse. I think I did pretty well with that; I twisted some embroidery floss, and sewed silk “fabric beads” at the end of each twisted cord. The beads are easy to make; they’re just modified yo-yos, with stuffing and the outer edge pulled up to close. The “Omiyage” book has instructions for several kinds of fabric beads.

The center front is the front seam; for the closure on my blouse, I applied a separate placket/facing combo.

So, those are some quick blouse notes. I will be making more sari blouses for myself and if you wish, will share more of my discoveries and revelations about it.  I promise to be more coherent and instructional…..

Blog note: I’ve mentioned before in a previous post that I will be taking a hiatus from writing these weekly posts for about a month or so; not too long!   No particular reason, in case you’re wondering; just want to take a deep breath and re-energize.   Who knows, if I can’t stand being away from blog writing for a whole month, I’ll return earlier than that.

See you later, my sweet friends.


6 thoughts on “Sari Blouse: Final Notes

  1. This is so handsome; the cord across the back is just an obvious move that I’d not anticipated, and now I’m going to shove it on every one I sew for: no, this neckline doesn’t work without this. Or taping yourself in. Pick one.

    You have certainly done your duty and earned some down time. Enjoy, we’ll be here when you come back.


    1. Thanks! I enjoyed a wedding in my extended family; correctly anticipated some downtime from the exuberance of an Indian wedding, and therefore took a hiatus from blogging. Also, I thoroughly enjoyed my DD and SIL’s visit. Don’t think I haven’t been sewing, though – corrected the fit of my daughter’s dress, and altered my SIL’s items.


    1. Thank you, Lisa. Unfortunately, there is no photo of me wearing it. I will have to dress up again just for it after some rest time.


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